I haven't spoken to you for a while. It happens like that, we were going to stay friends. But I don't see you so often, so you don't get the daily trivia. And I don't want to hurt you with the way I've kept on, even though you say you'll be fine. I know you're still holding on to something that has died for me. I can't help you move on, it's not my place anymore.

You called tonight, the perfect time for a long talk, because this night I decided to stay home for a change.

Your job, your mother's health. Your new car, your cats. Your failed attempts at dating other people.

My job, my dog, my garden. My new friends, the giddy enthusiasm I can't keep out of my voice, no matter how hard I try to tone things down.

Are you ok?
There is a long silence on your end of the line,
and when you answer, I try not to cry.
I'm still here.

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