"It's after one, we need sleep"

An answering sigh echoed across the Interweb. They both stared blankly, as if mesmerised, at their screens, eyes fixed on blinking cursors, knowing it was that time again, as if by doing nothing they could put it off.

"I love you"

She shattered the silence.


He started as his computer loudly in the stillness of the night informed him of the fact. His fingers dexterously began to express his pain. He paused, backspaced.

"We'll see each other again soon"

He half-smiled as another line of grey characters appeared into the blackness he stared into, for she knew what he was thinking.

"Sleep well, precious"

His words didn't even scratch the surface of what he wanted to say.

"Have a good day tomorrow"
User has signed off.

She closed the lid, and pushed her laptop aside. As her eyes slowly closed, a gentle breeze from the window rippled over her almost motionless form.

His drooping eyelids flickered opened, eyes readjusting to the glow of his own laptop's screen. A glance at the clock told him he had only dropped off for a few minutes. He removed his hands almost mechanically from his keyboard, slid from his chair, and stumbled into bed.

User has become idle.

Slow, heavy, rhythmic breathing competed with his computer fan to be heard.

"It's nearly ten, you need sleep"

He turned to the girl sitting two feet away. The lounge felt strange to him, but he didn't mind, for it was comfortable enough. He slid lower into it, and leaned his head back.

"Dude, I need sleep?"

She smiled back at him, and moved closer.

"I love you"

He looked sideways into the face now resting on his shoulder. Her hair flowed strangely down his neck and back. She could hear his heartbeat slowing as his eyelids began to flicker.

"Good night"

His eyes opened as she whispered it.

"You know I hate it every time I have to leave you"

He paused until she acknowledged him with a nod.

"It's okay, you know we'll see each other again though"

She craned her neck to look up at him.

"I love you"

He repeated it to her as if this fact was non-obvious.

"This time though, this is not goodbye, this is good night"

She didn't respond. Her eyes were closed, and he could feel her rhythmical heartbeat against him. He smiled and closed his eyes.

The room became silent bar their slow, deep breathing.

Really, I love you.

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