Ah, my alma mater. Lots of students there bitch about how much the place sucks, but I enjoyed it. It is a good school. It has small classes so talking to a teacher outside of class usually isn't too much of a problem. The greek system there is quite tame and the houses get along with each other for the most part. There isn't much tension between the houses and the dorms. How can this be? Well most of the students there are geeks. Who else would go to a small town in the middle of Missouri where there is nothing to do and few girls?

Sure you have to wait in line for the single girls. Sure most of the women are stuck up because they know they can have most any guy there. But if you stop worring about the opposite sex for a little while, make some friends, and create some fun for yourselves it isn't that bad.

Things to do in Rolla when you are bored:

  • go to the Tater Patch, drink with the old farmers, and see the three legged dog.
  • play some golf on the fabulous UMR golf course.
  • visit Layne Springs(sp?) south of town.
  • go on a float trip.
  • drink yourself into a stupor.
  • watch the Miners get their asses pummeled (doesn't matter what sport you pick most of the time)
  • visit the CS computer lab.
  • make fun of St. Pat's Board Reps.
  • go to The Grotto (hey don't laugh Playboy picked it as one of the top college bars)
  • go to Ft. Lenordwood/Waynesville and visit some skanky strip clubs.
  • TP Stonehenge.
  • Hold your own made-up events at the Puck.
Past activities that are gone:
  • getting lost looking for your TA in the maze that was the Rolla Building.
  • quarter draws at Scotty's Shamrock.

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