Alice is a character in Scott Adams' comic strip Dilbert. She is one of the trio of main characters, along with Wally and Dilbert. Alice has a personality that naturally compliments Dilbert and Wally. Whenever the Pointy Haired Boss proposes something evil, the characters react in a predictable manner: Dilbert usually earnestly plays along as well as he can, Wally weasels out of the work as cynically and lazily as possible, and Alice either does the work that is expected of her, or reacts with pure fury to the laziness or incompetence of her colleagues, or to anyone else who gets in her way.

Other than her general competence and work ethic, not much is ever discussed about Alice. Like most of the characters in Dilbert, she doesn't have much continuity, and her life outside of work is not really mentioned. She is portrayed as being more socially aware than the male engineers, but as still being something of a geek. However, her character is drawn well enough (so to speak) for the gag oriented nature of the strip.