Wally is a character from the comic strip Dilbert by Scott Adams, and probably the character next to Dilbert and Dogbert who gets the most exposure. This is because Wally is an incredibly selfish, lazy, shortsighted and foul-smelling individual and as a result the strips where he appear are incredibly funny.

Like Dilbert, Wally is a competent engineer. Unlike Dilbert though, he has absoluteley no sense of loyalty to the company and always does his best to avoid work by faking incompetence. He has been known to fake his own death to avoid work assignments.

According to Addams, the Wally character was based on a co-worker he once had. The company they both worked for was downsizing and offered generous lay-off packages, but only to those empoyees who actually got fired. This led the (rather talented) co-worker to act as incompetent as humanly possible, because there was no way he would otherwise get fired...

A wally is a British term for a stupid or foolish person. The term is widely used in current and ex-British territories, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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