"Why do you say things that you know will hurt me?" -Loud Howard to the Pointy Haired Boss, "The Competition"

Loud Howard began as a one-joke, one-time bit character in the Dilbert 1996 comic strip in a brief story arc that featured Wally in charge of relocating the office staff to a new building. Wally threatened to place Dilbert's new cubicle next to that of Loud Howard, a large-mouthed man who shouted things like "NICE DAY!" After this storyline ended, Loud Howard was never seen again in the comic strip.


When Dilbert made the leap from the printed page to the animated sitcom in 1999, comic creator Scott Adams and show runner Larry Charles decided to add more characters to Dilbert's world. One of the characters they chose to bring back from obscurity was Loud Howard, whose personality was fleshed out and his overt loudness was used to build humorous situations. Voiced by Jim Wise, Loud Howard is one of the engineers at the office; his mouth is in a state of perpetual openness and his characteristics are exaggerated in every sense: he can sneeze a man's skin and muscles off, his shouts can knock people down with great force, and his mouth is large enough to entrap Asok the intern during a failed attempt at CPR.

After the Dilbert television series left the air in 2000, Loud Howard faded from the public eye and returned to obscurity, becoming merely a memory (unless you pick up the Dilbert DVD box set).

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