A PPP-SSH VPN is a very simple Virtual Private Network that you can use to create an encrypted tunnel from one computer to another. Everyone can benefit from a little encryption in times like these, and this is just the thing for those up-to-date, fashion-conscious geeks who know that encrypting everything is all the rage.

The concept of the PPP-SSH VPN is easy to understand. PPP and SSH are two common utilities that should be familiar to most anyone who uses *nix. You can use PPP to establish a point-to-point connection between two computers, while using SSH to encrypt the traffic. Finally, you should use a firewall (ipchains/iptables, for instance), to deny all traffic other than SSH. This is really handy if you find yourself regularly connecting to a server over an insecure network (the Internet).

Uses for a PPP-SSH VPN include:
  • Daily automated transfer of files between computers.
  • Forwarding your X11 traffic from your workstation to your laptop.
  • Looking leet to all your luser friends. (That's what I use it for... ^_^)
  • The possibilities are endless!

Why using PPP-SSH VPN might be the right thing for you:
  • It's easy to install and setup.
  • You don't need a static IP address.
  • You crave that encrypted goodness.
If this sounds like something you want or need, you should check out what we "insiders" like to call a HOWTO. See the VPN PPP-SSH Mini-HOWTO over at the Linux Documentation Project for a more detailed explination of everything you've read here, including a very handy setup script to initiate your connection. They'll walk you through setting up your first PPP-SSH VPN, and you'll be using that biznitch in no time.

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