Also known as (Can't You) Trip Like I Do. A song that Filter did with The Crystal Method and which appeared on the soundtrack of the Spawn movie. It was also released as a single in the USA, Britain, and some European countries. Has been remixed by various DJs.

The 7:35 min Filter+Crystal Method version is a soul-searing statement of fin-de-siècle angst and alienation, lamenting the depersonalization of daily life; and reflecting in its powerful riffs, eloquent lyrics and plaintive vocals (a cry for help) the sense of dehumanization and dislocation which pervades every fiber of our being. A masterpiece.

Trip Like I Do exists in two versions. One of them, from The Crystal Method's album Vegas, is instrumental-sampled. The other, from the Spawn soundtrack, is a collaboration with Filter, and contains lyrics.

Both versions of the track contain the low quality female voice samples saying phrases such as, "Why can't you trip like I do?" and "I want you to trip like me, I want you to have fun." These come from Scott Kirkland's answering machine, where they were left by a woman under the influence of unknown mind-altering substances.

The album version of the track also contains the sample: "Another World. Another Time. In the Age of Wonder, the land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked," and "Once more, they will replenish themselves. Cheat death again." These are from the opening narration of the film The Dark Crystal.

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