If you post here, JESUS WILL BRING YOU GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Mrs. Fredericka Arbuthnot of White Plains did and ONE WEEK LATER SHE WON THE STATE LOTTERY!!! But Mr. Hugo McDermott of Tucson IGNORED this node and soon afterwards his family DIED and he LOST HIS JOB. (Read Numbers 11:18-20)

THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!! PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, whatever that mysterious writeup from Saige was, I'd like to share something that may have been it. Perhaps it will be taken in the vein of humorous blasphemy it is intended. Or it'll become instant bad karma. Who knows?

I love Jesus, yes I do!
Baked or broiled or in a stew!
I love Jesus, yes sir-ee
fried or grilled or fricasee!

With peas or corn or even yams,
Eat your Jesus, fresh or canned!
No substitutes; don't fall for shams,
no need to even wash your hands!

Cook your Jesus in the crunch,
Kids love Jesus for their lunch!
I love Jesus yes I do,
I love Jesus, you will too!

Since I feel the need to impart useful information along with such drivel, this is obviously a parody of an advertising jingle. Add to this the fact that, at least in the past, some Christian sects - including the Catholic church - had as a point of doctrine that the wafers and wine of Communion were transformed into literal blood and flesh. While few believe this nowadays, it is true enough that symbolically, that is indeed what they represent.

Put it together, and you have General Foods selling the new taste treat of Jesus-Os(tm). The bastards would do it if they could, too.

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