I am thankful to the heavens that be that I no longer have to do this directly, however I still get to witness the items that appear in our inboxes every day.

To explain, my companions and I work for a large online religious website. None of us are actually members of this religion but people who write in automatically assume that because we work there, we are in fact devote followers like they claim to be.

Generally our day to day support is literally just tech items such as users not receiving e-mail through their site sponsored mail service, passwords being forgotten and errors occuring when they foul something up wether accidently or otherwise. These are no big deal aside from the users who type in all caps, blame the service for letting them overfill their accounts and also tell us we are going to hell for letting spam get through to them, especially the XXX pr0n type (aka, the good stuff).

It's the other messages that we enjoy. Frequently we are bombarded with users sending us religious questions such as I just cheated on my wife of 10 years, can you forgive me online? or My boyfriend of 5 years is a (Wrong Religion) and I am a (Right Religion) and we want to get married but he won't convert and insists that I convert, should I leave him?. Even better are the anti-abortion folks who believe that because we do support for a religious site that we will post their rantings for them, along with pictures.

The occasional nut job really takes the cake though. Most recently we had a message from someone in Colorado claiming that they were Jesus reborn. He hated using e-mail but because ours was religious he felt better about it and because, according to him, we would all immediately realize that he was Jesus due to his e-mail that we should leave our homes and follow him as his new disciples. At one point we even had a person claiming to be a priest who had stolen secret materials from the Vatican and claimed they were parts of Project Wormwood, a piece of conspiracy theory lifted directly from Art Bell.

If you think that regular tech support is bad to work at, try the religous type some time.

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