"Not Without My Anus" first aired on April Fools' Day, and was a brilliant practical joke played on South Park fans at the time. The previous week, the first part of the two parter about Cartman finding out the identity of his father was aired. The episode ended with the famous To Be Continued tagline, and the promise that next week they would find out who Cartman's dad was (Chef? Mr. Garrison?]) there hadn't been such a great cartoon mystery since "Who Shot Mr. Burns".

Schedules were probably built around that second episode. Fans trusted Matt and Trey to show the conclusion the next week, as promised. Everyone at my school was talking about it...I think I was in 8th or 9th grade. South Park was very, very hot. We all tuned in and got...

Not Without My Anus, that stupid Terrance and Phillip movie that had nothing to do with Cartman or his father.


Fans were enraged...we had to wait until next season for the conclusion...or would there even BE a conclusion(?) we wondered. Of course, we now know that Cartman's dad was actually his "mom", a hermaphrodite.

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