An analog tape-echo unit released in 1973.

The RE-201 contains a small tape loop recording the incoming signal, playing it back with multiple playback heads and getting erased for more incoming audio. A built-in spring reverb is available. The unit can also generate its own feedback loops and produce high/low shelving EQ effects.

There are 2 microphone inputs, plus ones for line, PA and pedal. The only output available is a line level phono-out. No interface for external control is included. The RE-201 is a delicate pice of equipment, with possibilities of tape breaking and the spring reverb easily getting shock damage.

User Interface Features:
  • delay time switch
  • delay time adjust knob
  • delay feedback knob
  • delay level knob
  • reverb Level knob
  • high shelving EQ knob
  • low Shelving EQ knob
  • mic 1 input attenuator knob
  • mic 2 input attenuator knob
  • instrument input attenuator knob
  • instrument input fx in/out switch
  • VU meter (with overload light)

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