Some say if you play this so-named Beatles song backwards you can hear the phrase Turn me on, Dead Man.

Number Nine is also the name of a video card manufacturer who puts Beatles' messages in their BIOS, such as Let It Be ',

Makers of the Imagine 128, Revolution IV and such. Very kick ass. video cards.
Due to unknown reasons, #9 has really fallen by the wayside lately, and unfortunately it's hard to find their cards anywhere.

Also, the most popular sandwich at D'Angelo's subshop: grilled steak, mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and hots. Now DAMN if that ain't a sandwich, I don't know what is!
mwarps: oooh, baby, yeah. Number Nine. Cholestofest. The drool begins. Steak shavings, peppers, onions, mushrooms, whiz, bland-ass bread. Add, as I do, fried salami and a touch of vinegar. Accept it from the counter person, and remember to thank them. Unwrap the first half of the sandwich; inhale to let the vinegar and beef odor slam up your nasal passages, a full-on snort of bad-for-you that'll bring an ache to your salivary glands. The body can't spit fast enough to get this puppy masticated, folded, spindled, digested. MMMmmmmm. Steeeaaaaaaak.

(for those just joining us, this is a sub sandwich made by D'Angelos chain sub shops. Go get yer own.)

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