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Cliph is an Irish nerd.
Being Irish has nothing to do with it.
Cliph is 19.
Likes Red Meat, User friendly and BOFH. Prone to Irish-speak.
Quite fond of dear old Hal 9000, utters my god, it's full of stars alot. Not an eejit nor an&.id10t. Hangs out on IRC, which stands for "I Repeat College". Cliph speaks some Gealige. Slashdot addict. Linux user, Red Hat abuser. Cliph fancies a ride of a "cobhite". Watches Cartoon Network when he's not&.doing less boring/exciting things. Inspiration: Orbital, the orb, future sound of london/fsol, the chemical brothers and aphex twin. was presant at the conception of KWeT (was alone infact)..