September 26, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones. Oh oh oh. Woe. The nodegel was turgid and murky yesterday. Many were the times that nodes were balanced on the cusp of the right and wrong shape for use in your plan. There were but few nodes so right as to be worth raising to be fastened to the Page of Cool. I swam through homenodes into the older nodes of some of the noders to seek solace there.

Your minions have observed that the EDB is now holding borged users longer and longer in the confines of its steaming gut. There are rumours. Many rumours. Are they being slowly dissolved by digestive juices? Are implants being inserted? Are their Microsoft Wallet files being gone through while they are so restrained and distracted? Are they being impregnated with tiny EDBs that will eventually burst from their homenodes like the young of the peeper toad burst in the hundreds from its back? We do not know. What guides the EDB? What is this "blood" the EDB smells within the gel? We do not know the ways of EDB but can only watch and wonder.

But we know the gel. The gel needs to be shaped into good nodes or it will grow darker and cooler. The noders must shape good nodes or the nodegel will grow thicker and slower.

We can only pray that the noders will help the gel.

A new dawn dawns within the server.

The Crypt destablizes the following and returns them to freegel from whence new nodes may be shaped:

I squeezed some nodeshells between my mandibles and they popped. Then I did some titles and fixed a few broken nodes.

Delete, delete, delete:

  • warhead. by Jope, by request.
  • Requested by Rollo, two nodes by fled user Zoz:
    • symetrical
    • asymetrical
  • 43 by Wildebeest along with a number of shells were rendered into freegel at the request of lazyr (who may inherit the gel).
  • bastard by zztzed. November 13, 1999 linkless definition, surpassed by everything else under it.
  • Sadly, The Possibly Maybe Brilliant E2 Music Lotto by mistero, by request. There was some nasty softlinking underneath. Silly softlinkers, tricks are for kids.
  • Betty Davis Eyes by Geez. Requested by stand/alone/bitch.
  • super-sexy lesbian by Nyzeme. Requested by sleeping wolf.
  • I've nuked all of the nodeless accounts found by the mighty Lord Brawl. This took me about 45 minutes. I can't imagine what minutes are missing from Brawl's life now just so that news users can sign in as
    E1 noders, never logged in: QGJ_RJ, quarky, quasar_30, Quatzl, Queen V, quent, questor, quickey, quinnb, Quixote, qulythug, quonsar, Quoz, QwikSand922, Aatu
    Created in the 1st half of '00: Quasimeta, Qubit, querity, quickdeath, quisqualis, quod, quonone, qwex
    Created in July or August '00: Q-master, Qblade, qfour20, Qoquaq, Quadranaro, quantumsquirrel, Quixotic, quux, qwerty the barbarian