"Hey, Pa. Look who's done come to visit!"

"Whosit, Ma?"

"It's 'at 'are mindriot1 feller."

"Ain't he th' one what done shot up th' bait shop an' kilt Unk Snuff?"

"Yep. Same 'un. He'z 'a wheelin' in from behind th' barn in that ol' pickup. Wants I should kill 'im?"

"Is a possum greezy?"

Nodes / Writeups / Users removed today:

  • shit, creed, Texas, node by mindriot1.
  • my first time, Curt Cobain, the one that I live for, 1968 Impala by mindriot1.
  • User mindriot1. Oh, wait. I haven't done that, . . . yet....
  • 1978 by Jeff_Magnus. We know your b'day already. Thanks.
  • Oh, and I cleaned out some of the old "who wants a postcard from" stuff. I started w/ the ones in Jet-Poop's locker which just left an address or nothing of historical value. Then I moved to Hodgepodge's locker and just cleaned the whole thing out.
    -I'm not picking on anyone here, and I plan to do a thorough job. These are dated and of no use any longer, eh?