Sent to the Sexecutioner:
  • sakico pointed out the user rayh, author of a number of poor writeups. Said writeups were dispatched with little fanfare:

    • ASCII Art: Sadaam Hussein: "wow that looks like it took a long time" (no purpose)

    • Corroboration: "working with someone" (incorrect)

    • The Last Outpost (TNG): "SanjuroE knows too much about Star Trek" (knowledge is not a bad thing)

    • caucasian: "Some call us crackers." (the other writeups are a little more informative)

    • mountain biking: "I LOVE mountain biking. I think I'm going to get a Trek Pro 9.9 soon!" (good for you)

    • LMLP: "ticker of a sweet stock that i've had since it was at 5..." (don't fucking do this)

    I was really nice to rayh. I read through all of his work, and I'm sure a more trigger-happy editor would delete at least a dozen more. He's all yours, boys.