September 7, 2000
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O dem bones, who dwells newly hidden and burrowed within a deep valley in California, these are the acts of thy minions, beginning in this account with my own slight exertions in thy name.

I looked at the time and moved this from "yesterday's" log:

  • wharfinger and I were discussing the nodes of a new user steven. Hm. Two of them. Both very negatively voted. After trying to communicate with steven, wharf asked me to nuke them (no XP loss, my speciality). He will follow through with steven. So: Ryk and Adam something or other (I've deleted it and the title is gone) are no more. But let me see if if I can cut and paste the softlinks I copied for your edification: nuked without warning; Nuke This Node!; If you were dem bones, which node would you nuke?; I say we nuke the noder from orbit.; You've been nuked!; Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!; the smell of a freshly nuked user. Yes, there they are. Oh my.
And now, further nukes served warm: Oh dear. Look at the nodeshells left behind my Team Jet-Poop and Lord Brawl's predatory swathes. Tsk. There. That's better.

/tell knifegirl: I agree about definitions. Nuke the whole node at once. I've tried to go through it but it's exhausting to read let alone do anything about.


  • Words that are fun to type by zot-fot-piq and wonko. All of the wus in this node are worthless but these did not even have links.
  • A spurious editor's log for tomorrow by everyone. This was actually quite well-done but still had to go.
A few title changes for mblase and pvoltaire. Many more done randomly.


The mighty name of Lord Brawl has brought (at least some) content into a few nodes which would otherwise be bereft therof. The legend grows like dark shadows lengthening at twilight. Bye! Yay! Bones has fixed Definitions That Need Work the E2 Way.

Ultima Ratio Editorum:

  • That's gotta be a record for a nuked node by pdraleigh

    He did a writeup asking about some dull spam (not trolls; trolls are vertebrates) that got vaporized (the spam did) before he had a chance to read it. That writeup was itself nuked immediately, and rightly so: It belonged in the Chatterbox, because nobody will care or even remember about the spam after this evening. Well, when that first writeup got nuked, he posted this one asking about that. I killed this one on sight; I don't yet know who nailed the other. It doesn't really matter. The point is that these are Chatterbox questions, not good writeup material.

    In answer to the question, however: I doubt very much that it's a record for time-to-nuke.

  • funny names by pvoltaire

    pvoltaire thinks he can prove inductively that Robert Graves was an archaeologist. Wharfinger believes that induction is beside the point when you can go look it up. Graves was a classicist, poet, and novelist. If anybody has evidence to the contrary (evidence, not hot air), let me know and we'll restore the writeup.

  • i'm here for the napkin up my ass by entropy

    Apparently, he once said that to somebody. He doesn't have anything else to say about it. Maybe that's for the best.

    The user was neither warned nor informed. Think before you node.

  • How to wipe your butt with one square of toilet paper and people should be allowed to keep midgits as pets by entropy

    Both were moronic; the former was also sickening, and the latter misspelled. My gut feeling here is that the user wants his account to be nuked. I have no objection.

  • C-- by silicus

    "What C++ should have been named." Tell us why or don't bother.

  • Exploded Abomination by maxarturo (here for two days in mid-July)

    This appeared to be part of a moronic personality-conflict flamewar from another website. We have more than enough personality-conflict bullshit of our own, so I can't see the sense in importing more.

  • Winston Churchill by Morgan (last seen in January 2000)

    "Leader of Great Britain during World War 2." Nov 13 1999. If that were all we had, I'd keep it, but we've got a lot of information in other writeups now.

September the sixth (going by US Eastern Standard Time) was an eventful day here in our little paradise. Out, out, damned spot!

No comment:

/msg Lethal How do you keep a moron in suspense?, How to keep an idiot entertained for hours... any others? is this your specialty? i think it's nuke request time, on at least one of them. we've got five variations of that "joke" here.

Nodeshells Worth Nuking:

i'm here for the napkin up my ass, people should be allowed to keep midgits as pets, Exploded Abomination

/msg eclip5e would you mind filling in {"Two sword, one style"} a bit, or doing a nuke request? thanks. /msg renster could we have some hardlinks in {Zarro Boogs found}? /msg fondue your writeup in {Best Users makes noding addictive} might be a good candidate for a nuke request, i think. patientfox plagiarized writeup in {body count} : second warning, no response. kill if he's logged in since 1:44 UTC 9/8/00. /msg ajaxlemoN {C--} is plagiarized. please submit a nuke request. ref: /msg eldritch {Melville} would be a much better writeup if you hardlink all the song titles and tell us a bit about the album: what does it sound like, was it more of he same or a big change, etc. stuff like that. check back on {RTTI} by newbie mmorgan27; sent Read Me link colour of paradise, broken link {Muffin King} crap, kill if user has logged in since 1:30 UTC 9/8
Quite by accident, I went defending the honor of famous actresses today...

Killed: mhwang's writeups in (deep breath) Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Ming-Na Wen, Tamyln Tomita, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Shannon Tweed, Marina Sirtis, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Rene Russo, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucy Lawless, Gena Lee Nolin, Natasha Henstridge, Elizabeth Hurley, Jeri Ryan, Teri Hatcher, Kirstie Alley, Kim Basinger, Yasmine Bleeth, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Total content of each: "What a babe!" So's yer momma, but I'd write more about her, ya know?

In other Hollywood distaff news...

Killed: MonkeySpanker's writeup in Nicole Kidman. Total content: "Some chick. See scientology."

Killed: Sine's writeup in Rene Russo. Total content: "Great hair, at that."

Killed: jkovach's writeup in Elizabeth Hurley. Total content: "Another person with the same name has the job of grade-level administrator at Montgomery Blair High School." Thanks for sharing. Wish we cared. Wish you had some content.

Also, thanks to my Evil Nuking Button, Tamyln Tomita, Shannon Tweed, Nicole Kidman, Gena Lee Nolin, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kirstie Alley are all now nodeshells. Actual informational content would certainly be welcome...

Whew! All that hard work! I gots to go get me some rhubarb pie!

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