This just shows that everything has bad grammar. Computer programs often have this grammatical error, because it takes a bit of work to make it happen. Compare:

printf("you have %d writeups until level %d", n, m);
printf("you have %d writeup%s until level %d", n, (n==1)?"":"s", m);

You know what's even worse? When you bitch and moan to someone to write it like this:

     Writeups Until Level 3: 1

And they go and write it as a sentence. So you say, "That's great. But what happens if there's only 1?" Why don't you write it like this:

     Writeups Until Level 3: 1

And so they go and write branched code to catch both conditions. And then they smile and show you what they've done, and then you smile back and tell them that when they have to internationalize it, their branch code isn't going to work. And then they go back and change it so that it reads:

     Writeups Until Level 3: 1

And now it's the way you initially told them to do it. Only they didn't do it the way you said because you're just a punk kid fresh out of college, you don't know shit, and they were using punch cards at M.I.T. when you were just a stain on the mattress.

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