Maybe the best actress out there. Beautiful, talented and intelligent, she will be always remembered for the Piano Scene in the Fabulous Baker Boys. She has played a waitress in Frankie & Johnny, a hawk in Ladyhawke, a ghost in A Gillian on her 37th Birthday, a fairy queen on A Midsummer's Night Dream and just about every possible kind of character, including the latex-clad Catwoman in Batman Returns or a Jackie Kennedy obsessed housewife in Love Field.

Though often underrated, she manages to be believable in almost every role she plays, without using terrible movie accents à la Meryl Streep or other stunts; and at over fourty years of age (and twenty of acting career), she still retains her sex symbol status and crowd attracting skills.

Michelle Pfeiffer is one example of how women can get even prettier with age. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, she was absolutely stunning, but in Hollywood Knights (1980), she was merely cute.

She has had many and varied roles over the years. In some movies, such as Grease 2 and The Fabulous Baker Boys, she sang. In fact, she was one of the few celebrity voice actors in Prince of Egypt who actually sang her own part. That was not her first time appearing with Jeff Goldblum; they also starred together in Into the Night, in which she plays a diamond smuggler and he is just some guy who can't sleep who happens to be at the airport at the right time to get entangled in her life.

She has also played animal-related roles several times. The most famous is Catwoman in Batman Returns, but a cat is not the best animal for her. She was much more believable as the one who started to transform without being bitten in Wolf with Jack Nicholson. She was also good as a hawk in Ladyhawke.

Another famous appearance with Jack Nicholson was Witches of Eastwick. She, Cher, and Susan Sarandon played the three lovers of Nicholson's character (one blonde, one brunette, one redhead).

In What Lies Beneath, she played a housewife who used to be a famous cellist and managed to look beautiful despite being dressed in jeans, sandals, and sweatshirts most of the film. That film requires some suspension of disbelief because Harrison Ford plays her philandering husband - and what idiot would have an affair if he were married to Michelle Pfeiffer?

If trends continue, she will eventually take Jessica Tandy's old place as the elegant (even if senile) and still-beautiful old woman.

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