...the lasery light that scans and records your fax is red. Red pen does not show up well at the receiving end!

Graphite pencil marks reflect the light and don't scan well either.

Another office equipment tip by me, a.k.a. SuperTemp.

And...don't highlight bits of a fax with any color of highlighter marker! I learned this the hard way, via almost being fired because the helpful light blue marks I made on an angry fax from one of our clients turned an opague dark grey in a weeks time, blocking out everything they had once highlighted.
Imagine having to call the angry client a week after he sent the list of demands and having to ask him to reiterate what his most important points has been.
Not too good.

Pretty much anything other than black printing and handwriting/drawing with black ink does not fax well. My second job is working for a company which does newsletters; the clients fax us stuff and we type it up. We hate people who handwrite things in non-black ink, as it often takes a conference of all the people in our office and/or a phone call back to the activity director who sent the stuff to decipher what it says.

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