Just what the hell is a nurturing male, anyway? I'll tell you.

A nurturing male is a guy who will listen to a person's troubles and will try to help them out. Not only will he, he in fact enjoys doing this, and he will seek out people in need of his advice. His advice is good. He thinks things through, and he's good enough at understanding character that he can taylor his guidance to any given personality type.

A nurturing male is good with children. He maintains discipline, but he can do it while still making the child feel good about him or herself. Children love to be around him. He's the kind of guy who will babysit for you, and your kids will cry when he leaves instead of when you do.

A nurturing male will not force a woman to have sex with him. It's tough to get him to ask for sex because he wants his women to be comfortable enough with him that when it's time to take that step, they both know it by heart.

Since a nurturing male is good at gauging personalities, he can fit in with most any group. However, he often chooses not to, distancing himself from people who are less understanding of human nature than he is. He doesn't enjoy vandalism, hazing, drinking to excess, or playing extremely loud music. He hangs out with people who's behavior complements his tendency to worry about the comfort of others over his own.

A nurturing male is always easy to talk to, and due to his very open, honest nature, he makes you feel comfortable talking to him very quickly.

A nurturing male is the kind of guy who women love to fantasize about. When they actually meet him, they tell him they'd rather just be friends.

Damn, it feels good to be a nurturing male. Right?

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