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This is a special homenode. Here, you're not gonna find any of those artsy-fartsy quotes, snippets of poetry, song lyrics in italics, or "grammar" like you see on those other homenodes. No sir. I'm not even going to say "sir/ma'am" because, by God, I don't care if you're a man or a woman, and I'm going to do it like we've always done it and say "sir" and you're going to live with it!

If I were to sum myself up in 3 words or less, I would have to use "Meat and Potatoes." That's because I'm made of meat (among other, less important substances,) and I also like potatoes, and really, what else do you need to know about a person? If I were to sum myself up in 1 word or less, I would use "Probably" except on really good days, when I would use "Mostly."

I started here a long time ago, back during a time in my life when I thought that experience and leveling up was important. I would write endlessly, all day sometimes (I had a pretty boring job,) in the hopes of finally getting to the point where I could put a picture up on this homenode. I don't believe that I will ever make it to that point, though, so you can view a picture of me at is my website, but it has nothing to do with the awesome party game. It's just a blog that I update when I can't think of anything else that I could possibly do.

There are all kinds of transitive things I could tell you about myself, but that means I'll have to update this as they change, and this won't do. Instead, I will give you an ordered list of things about me that will never change:

  1. I am a mammal.
  2. I like most kinds of soup.
  3. I like most kinds of people.
  4. Except internet people. I am predjudiced against them and assume that they are all slightly mentally-handicapped until such time as they proove me wrong. Nothing personal.
  5. I am of German ancestry and was born in The United States, in Springfield, IL.
  6. I am not afraid of conflict. I stick up for myself and for my friends.
  7. I believe in the American system. I believe in checks and balances, and I believe in the direct control of all representative governing bodies by the people they represent. I vote.
  8. I consider myself to be patriotic, and I love my country, good and bad. Mostly good, I like to think. Moreso than any other country in this planet's history.
  9. On second thought, there are many soups which I dislike.
Thank you for your time. You can contact me at and feel free to message me on AIM with the user name "ApoxyButtPope"