Because they're huggable, kissable and we love them because they love us back. Maybe it's because they repay in niceness.

For some, the answer may be so that they might get lucky.

Being nice isn't compliance or neediness unless you feel bitter or jaded about doing it. No matter what some people may think, relationships aren't a zero-sum game. If you feel like you're giving more than you get, then you're either chasing the wrong person or you are the wrong person to be acting the way you are. If you're really happy together with someone, doing nice things for them should come without thought or any preconceived notions of what you'll be "getting back." If things are really right, you'll feel even better every time you make their life a little more pleasant. If you're not happy, and still putting out all that effort, just get the fuck out of that relationship as soon as you can into something more fulfilling. Why waste your time in an ongoing situation that brings you no joy?

Why do we treat them so well? We treat them so well because they're our friends. In some cases our best friends in the world.

Treating someone or something well has nothing to do with what you get in return. It has to do with who you are and what you feel is appropriate in the relationship. I read the title of this node and thought of a commercial for premium cat food. I think it may have actually used the phrase verbatim. The ad went on to explain that we treat our animals well because we care about them, their digestive tracts, their fur, their nutrition. If the cat scratches me, will I treat it any differently? Probably not. I might eventually give it away to someone who likes being scratched, but the cat will not change the way I deal with it on this fundamental basis.

Same goes for men.

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