"Hey cutie-pie. Mmmm, me too. Oh, you silly goose! That's so nasty... Where're yah headed?"

what if you don't come back

"But I'll miss you. No, I'll miss you more! No I will!

you won't miss me I can hear it in your voice you've already forgotten me

"Well, when are you coming back? That long?"

that's forever

"Okay. What time? Hmmm. So call me when you get back. Call my cell. No, I'll be awake."

I'll stay awake

"And Thursday's still good?"

"Oh, you can't? Okay."

I hate you

"No, that's okay. It's - no, that's okay. It wasn't really important."

you know this is killing me dont you

"I know you're busy. I understand. Do you want...? Tomorrow? Maybe the next day? Okay. So when do you get off work? Five-thirty? And when's your flight? Can you come over? Well... how about now?"


I don't know how I lived without you before I met you and I just realized that you have complete power over me and I hope you don't know that too because you could break me

Love slave: one who places their happiness in the hands of others.

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