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zot-fot-piq said

"start your own E2... with hookers and blackjack"

So I did.

And you know what?

It kicks ass!

Everybody should try it.

It's so refreshing.

So if you don't see something from me for a while, you know what happened.

aim: epistoler

I am

In love with a wonderful woman.

Totally amazed at life.

Amazingly happy.

But, moving right along...

Law enforcement

Apparently this needs to be pointed out. I write nodes about two types of police officers: dead cops and corrupt cops.

If you see a (person) node on my list, chances are it's a police officer. I respect police officers and the work they do. I enjoy the company of officers, on and off duty. I write frequent letters to Baltimore City on the work that Northern District officers have done for me. The large majority of these are complimentary, but occasionally I will complain about a lack of professionalism. I was one more week of unemployment away from taking my police exam and applying to Baltimore City Police Department.

However, these two groups of officers I mentioned need to be noticed because, for the first group, people need to realize the challenges and risk that accompany every hour of a police officer's workday, and the great service they do to their community. But these are not flawless heroes, and occasionally some abuse their power. Hence my inclusion of those who have made headlines for abuse of power and authority.

Noders who hate cops almost always vote up the corrupt nodes, but leave the memorial nodes alone. Noders who like cops vote down the corrupt nodes and leave the memorial nodes alone. That's not the point. However, I'll leave up even the lightning rod nodes until a cop-loving editor decides to nuke it because of the subject of the node. I don't care. I know they're well-written and relevant to a study of everything.

The only thing I can't stand is noders who softlink derogatory remarks to these memorials. Want a big tagline under your obituary that says "Asshole noder" when you die? No? Think about it.

Not too long ago, liveforever asked me how the John Pedro was germane to E2. I explained to him that I node fallen officers, either until they go out of fashion here and some God decides to nuke them all because they have a difference of opinion. When that evantually happens I'll extract them from node heaven and post them all on my homepage instead. I justify their presence as germane to E2 because they're people represented in ongoing current events.

I won't be making an alphabetical or chronological master node of cops on E2 because that would make my memorials a target. People who hate cops (including Gods) tend so softlink ugly things to them. It's best that someone just comes across them from the daylog softlinks I make a form their own opinion.


Police Officers Memorial

Keith Braddock        March 20, 1996       skoob
Michael J. Cowdery    March 12, 2001       vees
Jon Cook              June 12, 2002        vees
Hakim Farthing        August 10, 2002      vees
Ann Guinta            July 20, 2002        vees
Richard Herzog        June 22, 2002        vees
Sean Nava             October 28, 2000     vees
Robert Neilsen        June 12, 2002        vees
Michael Nickerson     February 13, 2001    vees
Mark F. Parry         January 22, 2002     vees
Kristin M. Pataki     May 4, 2002          vees
John Pedro            June 3, 2002         vees
Jason C. Schwenz      February 13, 2001    vees
Kevin Tarsia          July 4, 2002         vees
Steven J. Underwood   March 7, 2001        vees

What do I do here?

Every morning when I wake up or get to work, I check my everything node report e-mail and check up on the progress of my friends and other interesting noders.

Once I look through those (and vote them up or down as they deserve it), I spend the rest of my votes going through Random nodes, to connect to poorly linked or just plain forgotten parts of Everything. If a node title inspires me, I'll probably message the user.

About mid-way through the day I start to think about some concept, and see if it's noded. If not I'll usually write up a few paragraphs about a place or a thing.

Sometimes I'll write a daylog on the same day to dredge for XP, but more often I'll write it a week or a year later than the actual event. It's more fun for me to go down memory lane, and the events are long over and it's less likely for someone to be hurt by what I write then.

But I don't really care that much about this place anymore. Sue me.

Thanks to Lometa and radlab0 for the 2002 birthday wishes. Everybody else sucks.

Thanks to Radlab0 and Mccart42 for the 2003 birthday wishes. Dit dit.

I live in Baltimore. You should too. I hang around with Ground Control, Coriander, lillianvalencia, Protozoa, anomaly, seaya, ding-0-, slightlymadman, drummergrrl, and jonlasser (among others). You should too.

Noders who write about me: graceness.

Graphical schedule:

Pyrogenic is so cool I even let him go to parties and drink beer with me. After we met the first time I found he did this way cool codey thing in Perl and mentioned on irc that I wish I had known he was a ninja coder while we were drinking. Gah, geek elitism. Can you believe it?

He made the code, I made the gel.

Thu Jul 3 10:49:23 EDT 2002

Total dishonesty: 10.80 rep, 11097.49 hours. 
Average dishonesty: 0.12 rep per node, 119.33 hours per node. 
 |                                  @                            
 |                                 *                             
 |                                  *                            
 |                                  @                            
 |                                 *                             
 |                               @                               
 |                                  @   *                    @   
 |                                  @@                           
 | **                               @                            
 |                                 @                             
 |                                   *         @ @         *  *  
 | *                               @***                       *  
 |                                *****  *                    ** 
 |                               **@*@*        **                
 | *                              ****** @   *       *           
 | **                           ***@****                     **  
 | *                             ****@**        *           *    
 | *                             *******                    * *  
 | **                                           **       *  *    
0+-----------------------------------*-------*--*----------------> now

Annotated schedule:

5/22/2001: Level 3.

8/2/2001: 1000 XP.

8/16/2001: 1100 XP.

9/26/01: 1200 XP.

10/18/01: 1300 with an upvote for prole on screaming orgasm. I think it's symbolic, but I'm still not sure how.

11/01/01: 1400 XP.

11/08/01: 1500 XP. I'm a sad, sad man.

6/19/02: 2007 XP. I had 1997 before I started to audit generic-man's nodes and 2007 when I was done. Oh well. Still 60 nodes to go to Level 4.

8/7/2002: 2500 XP.

8/17/2002: 100 wus.



My hobbies include rampant technological abuse, personality typing, any job that requires a good looking uniform, vampires, tigers, rasberry chai, tweaking Pine and Procmail for ├╝bermaileffectiveness and writing occasional futurist ramblings. My current employment is in Records Retention of a large anonymous corporation in the pharmeceutical industry which I deride daily in my Slashdot signature. I am a recovering assholic. I've been told that I also bear a striking similarity to Rob Carlson, although the evidence is inconclusive. For more information see That is all.


My gosh it's been a long time since i've logged in here. Its been a busy two years, and damn that lillianvalencia for luring me back. I had about a million jobs since then, and I'm now working for a smaller and less anonymous company in the engineering industry here in Baltimore doing web design. I have my own soapbox on the web still, so I can put all my various peccadilloes out where everyone can see them. My asshole days are over, and I'm a fun guy out to have a good time and enjoy my remaining youth. I still look a lot like that Rob guy, though.

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