The HTX-202 is a portable ham radio made by Radio Shack. It is a fairly durable radio, although it has a relatively inexpensive design. The unit has CTCSS encode and decode standard, and transmit and receive coverage on the 2 meter amateur radio band. It has 12 memory channels and two "special" channels for calling frequency and home repeater. It has only a standard numeric VFO display and DTMF storage and DTMF squelch. The standard unit is 2 9/16" wide by 4 5/8" tall by 1 7/8" deep and weighs 19 oz without a battery pack.

The transmitter unit has a 50 ohm antenna impedance into a BNC connecter on the top of the unit. The transmitter operates at 1 and 5 watts FM (low power and high power modes) on frequencies between 144 and 148 MHz.

The unit's receiver has a .2 microvolt sensitivity for 12 dB SINAD with 80 dB spurious image rejection, 70 dB intermod attenuation and intermediate frequencies at 21.4 MHz (first) and 455 kHz (second). CTCSS Sensitivity is .15 microvolts and DTMF Squelch sensitivity is .2 microvolts. It also has a 1 watt audio output at 13.8 VDC.

The HTX-202 is the standard starter radio for new ham radio enthusiasts, with enough features to let them do what they need to, without being overly confusing or allowing the users to get into trouble by transmitting out of amateur radio frequencies by accident.

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