The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition defines a vee as:

"n., The letter v."

and vees as the plural of vee.

The V-Club uses Vees as a shorthand to describe males who have undergone a vasectomy procedure, and offers a special "Tees for Vees" program to advertise the fact that they are, in fact, medically sterile.

In polyamorous circles, the term vees is often used to describe three person relationships centered around one person with two people who have relations with that central person but not with each other.

In amateur radio morse code exams, a block of vees are often sent in the beginning of a simulated QSO to allow the subject to get familiar with the speed and rhythm of the code being used, ie:


This provides a rhythmic and distinct "didididah didididah" sound before the actual content proceeds.

Deep Vees are a type of monohull boat where the angle between the horizontal plane and the hull is between 16 and 28 degrees.

There is also a musical group called "The Vees". It consists of Jeff Velline (Drums/Vocals), Greg Armstrong (Piano/Vocals), Robb Velline (Guitar/Vocals) and Tommy Velline (Bass/Vocals).

From their homepage:

The band, consisting of brothers Jeff, Tom and Robb, has been together in one form or another for nearly fifteen years touring from Colorado to New York and points in-between. More recently, as back up band to their father, Bobby Vee, they have traveled throughout the United States and Europe working with such legendary artists as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Bob Diddley. Rounding out the line up is the accomplished piano and vocal talent of Greg Armstrong who, in addition to years of regional touring with "Heartbeat" and "Switch," has toured with the brothers supporting national acts since 1993.

Jack Vees is a composer who was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1955. Major performances of Vees's works include New Music America, Neue Musik New York/Cologne, Bang On A Can, and Soundings.

In the CABS reference manual we find that CABS uses Vees as a short term for secondary vertices, and defines a Vee statement with the form:

define Vee name subname 

where name subname uniquely identifies the name of the particle definition. name is usually one of Kshort, lam, alam. The Vee candidates are taken from the KNVF common blocks.

Another page says that "by default, cabs uses only vees that satisfy the KNVF utility function, CLEAN_V0. Giving the statement use-all-vees in the Vee definition block tells cabs to use all vees, including those that fail CLEAN_V0."

According to the site, in the 1953-54 Okanagan Senior Amateur Hockey League, the Penticton Vees were a team that played against the Vernon Canadians. Their team that year included Don Berry, George "Babe" McAvoy, Grant Warwick, Jack McIntyre, Remi Brisson, Bill Warwick, Dick Warwick, Angie Defelice, Doug Kilburn, Ernie Rucks, Kevin Conway, Ron Montgomery, Ron Heindl, Dino Mascotto and Ivan McLelland.

On March 2, 2001, Carleton University took a 59-49 loss to the Laurentian Lady Vees in the OUA East semi-final.

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