The IC-2000 and IC-2000H (high power version) are mobile ham radios made by ICOM America, Inc. It has transmit and receive coverage on the 2 meter amateur radio band and can be extended through post-factory modifications to 134 to 174 MHz transmit and receive.

It has 50 memory channels, and a 6 character alphanumeric display on a yellow backlit display in addition to standard VFO. The unit is essentially a large aluminum heat-sink over the final amplifier with a black faceplate connected to the main unit through an 8 pin adapter.

The unit has a 50 ohm antenna impedance (like most amateur radio transmitter equipment and RG8 and RG58 coax cable). The transmitter operates at 5, 10 and 50 watts output on frequencies between 144 and 148 MHz.

The unit uses a double conversion superheterodyne receiver with .18 microvolt sensitivity for 12 dB SINAD with 60 dB spurious image rejection and intermediate frequencies at 17.2 MHz (first) and 455 kHz (second).

The standard unit is 5.9" wide by 2.0" high and 5.9" deep and weighs 2.6 pounds fully loaded.

Accessories for the IC-2000 include the UT-85 Tone Squelch Unit and UT-101 DTMF Unit, which also allows you to reprogram the unit's splash screen on power-on to a custom message.

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