September 7, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, who dwells newly hidden and burrowed within a deep valley in California, these are the acts of thy minions, beginning in this account with my own slight exertions in thy name.

I looked at the time and moved this from "yesterday's" log:

  • wharfinger and I were discussing the nodes of a new user steven. Hm. Two of them. Both very negatively voted. After trying to communicate with steven, wharf asked me to nuke them (no XP loss, my speciality). He will follow through with steven. So: Ryk and Adam something or other (I've deleted it and the title is gone) are no more. But let me see if if I can cut and paste the softlinks I copied for your edification: nuked without warning; Nuke This Node!; If you were dem bones, which node would you nuke?; I say we nuke the noder from orbit.; You've been nuked!; Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!; the smell of a freshly nuked user. Yes, there they are. Oh my.
And now, further nukes served warm: Oh dear. Look at the nodeshells left behind my Team Jet-Poop and Lord Brawl's predatory swathes. Tsk. There. That's better.

/tell knifegirl: I agree about definitions. Nuke the whole node at once. I've tried to go through it but it's exhausting to read let alone do anything about.


  • Words that are fun to type by zot-fot-piq and wonko. All of the wus in this node are worthless but these did not even have links.
  • A spurious editor's log for tomorrow by everyone. This was actually quite well-done but still had to go.
A few title changes for mblase and pvoltaire. Many more done randomly.


The mighty name of Lord Brawl has brought (at least some) content into a few nodes which would otherwise be bereft therof. The legend grows like dark shadows lengthening at twilight. Bye! Yay! Bones has fixed Definitions That Need Work the E2 Way.