September 6, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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This o dem bones, is a tale for those brave of heart and strong of constitution. Over the next hours I and thy other other manacled servants shall record here what has been done for the weal and welfare of E2. Though we may be slighted, insulted, down-voted and whipped like dogs for our actions, these typo /msgs must be sent, these nodes must be nuked. The Crypt shudders open.

  • things you would bring with you if you were ever invited to shower with Deborah909 by everyone.
  • big breast just-turned-eight-teen-virgin's that wants to get down by Alaryis. Requested by tregoweth. It's not that I am a prude (although I probably am, and a dried up old one at that). But to misspell "horny" and "lesbian" and even "tit" does not make for a good writeup.
  • Xanax by jayms. Requested by bonnet. Apparently the advice given was dangerous. It was also linkless.
  • Dynamite Hack by Bucktug. Opinions without links.
  • Some title edits requested by --OutpostMir-- and others, some I have randomly tripped and fell over.

    Nuked the nodeshells left behind by Lord Brawl's kills and one reprted by psydereal.


    I have taken to threatening bad noders with a vist from Lord Brawl. "Please fix this before Lord Brawl finds it." Seems most effective.

    • #ska; ircska; by nate666 and confuzd, two-tone by nate666 (who has been nuked).
    • I know what you did last summer by badger. Requested by dragoon.
    • I have had to nuke new user frotteurist for posting nonsense and arguing with wharfinger about it in Chatterbox. Troll.
    On a more pleasant note, cleaned out some nodeshells for the fierce Uberfetus, a title change for the lovely Lometa, and one for Mr. mat catastrophe.

    • I have added an mo's Nobel Prizes: Economics into bone's wu and nuked her wu asking for it to be added.
    • 2000 Hugo Award Winners by dg. This is complez. Novalis had a series of previous Hugo nodes. mblase and dg both did 2000 but the mblase made his consistent with Novalis', including "last/up/next" links. mblase requested that one be nuked, if his, then dg's title changed and so on. Of course, I msged dg about it.
    • Pretentious-Bitch; Unamerican MetaNode; post here if you want sex with sfc; sacred cow; Un-American all by dead. As requested.