Screw it, let's get busy with the first Quest in a while...

This quest will be run by Rancid_Pickle. Submit any questions to me, don't bug other folks unless you like getting poked with horrible veggies.


We need a good listing of your favourite author. Don't write a Quest node on the same author as someone else (i.e. First Come, First Blessed). Try to create the node on your favourite author, but if there is a node for your author but there isn't a decent writeup there, go ahead and add your contribution. Some things that should be included are:

  • Author name (duh!)
  • General info on their life (born, died, where from, etc).
  • Why you like this author. Give copious examples of their mastery of writing. Tell us why we should rush out and buy everything they wrote.
  • A nice book listing would be nifty.
  • Similar authors
  • Genre(s)
  • How did their work influence YOU, as in life, writing style, etc.
  • Writeups must be created between the time stamp on this node and 23:59 on 21 October 2001, E2 Server Time.
When your writeup is complete, just drop me a /msg and softlink it to this node. Every decent writeup will get a "blessing" by yours truly (which equates to ten XP), plus the possibility of getting upvoted AND chinged if it's worthy. There is a limit of ten blessings per noder, but you're more than welcome to add more than 10 writeups.

Now comes the nasty part. If you cut and paste, I will CURSE you, which is a -10xp hit. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE. Make your writeup original work. Only nodes created within the Quest time window will be eligible for goodies.

Exceptional works added during this quest may get more than one blessing (actually, up to +30xp for outstanding nodes).

Get to it!

Please save your votes for the upcoming author submissions. Thanks, now quit dawdlin' and git to writin'!

And now, the Wouf Hong! Oops, I mean the Quest Entries!

  1. anthropod says Oh pooh. I've already noded my favourite author, and no one noticed. :-( Jane Urquhart (Not in the quest, but go look at it anyway)
  2. TheBooBooKitty says Walter Wangerin for your new author Quest!
  3. KillerPenguin says I would like to submit my writeup on C.S. Lewis for Everything Quests: Favorite Authors, thanks for another quest!
  4. jodrell says i've softlinked my Ian Watson node to Everything Quests: Favourite Authors.
  5. NothingLasts4ever says hi yes... nice timing... anyhow I want to do Ken Kesey for the quest but I already have a wu there (an interview we did together)... so the time stamp thingy is a problem for me... (Added to the writeup and it was accepted.)
  6. mblase says Terry Pratchett has been noded for the Quest.
  7. tes says For your latest quest, I wrote up John Sundman.
  8. AnotherMartini says I noderescued Joseph Conrad. I'm unsure if this is questworthy.
  9. Fitch says Tacked some okay Samuel Beckett information up to the Quest. I'm a quest virgin -- I feel so TINGLY! (Ooo... got me a quest cherry!)
  10. etoile says Finally a quest! Thank you! I have done what is probably a poor job on Rita Mae Brown and softlinked it as instructed. There is one more I have in mind to do, we'll see if I come up with any others. Thanks again for getting it going!
  11. dustfromamoth says hey horrible veggie guy! um, i made a node about jeffrey eugenides and the virgin suicides and then discovered the new quest! so i softlinked it, im not sure if its appropriate for the quest but let me know :) (OK by me, it's in. I get a special on XP because I buy in bulk.)
  12. bexxta says this is my first ever everything quest. i wrote a wu on susanna kaysen , however i've been planning to node authors for a while so there may be more to come. i hope i've done this right... poets count as authors?thought i'd ask (Everyone knows Poets are writers who can't write. Errr.... before Demeter pokes me with a Wand of Stupidness, I mean yes, poets to comic book authors are fine. Oh, too late, Demeter got me last week with that wand, I was too stupid to realize it.)
  13. chancel says one for the quest: Annie Dillard. thanks
  14. yesno says i wrote Baldesar Castiglione for your quest. i hope no one beats me with an even older writer......(As long as nobody writes up a node about me or Dannye, you're safe.)
  15. Chris-O says i hope you are accepting comics authors, b/c i just wrote up Jeff Smith. besides, e2 needed a good jeff smith writeup. or at least mine. :) thanks.
  16. kaytay says hey yo, how's stuff? check out Anya Seton if you have time, k? ('K)
  17. Roninspoon says C.J. Cherryh re, quest.
  18. abiessu says are we supposed to let you know if we try the quest? Stephen R. Lawhead is my attempt . . .
  19. koala says ermmm... I've remade a bit my wu of Donald E. Westlake...
  20. etoile says Okay, there is also Sue Grafton - I've been meaning to write that one for a while! Respecfully submitting it for the quest.
  21. Roninspoon says re quest James Oliver Rigney Jr.
  22. kenata says I just finished a quest node on kurt vonnegut, jr. I don't know if you will like it but I was able to say something I had forgotten that I needed to say.
  23. Devon_Hart says George R. R. Martin noded.
  24. mr100percent says great idea for a quest! Here's my David Feldman w/u
  25. Devon_Hart says /me bows. Thank you thank you. Okay, Stephen King time. ;) I think that one's lacking, but I need your opinion as to how.
  26. drownzsurf says The node is: (hear the envelope tear) Kenneth Scott Latourette
  27. cordelia says I present Alan Dean Foster. Also, older (but still good) L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Dave Duncan, and Christopher Stasheff. Enjoy!
  28. LadySun says Mercedes Lackey *cough* *wheeze* E2 Quest *cough* *gasp* done -- finally...*choke* *gasp* *die*
  29. RainDropUp says Good idea for a quest. H. G. Wells
  30. stand/alone/bitch says Okay you have Gerald DiPego for the quest. Damn there was no information about himself anywhere.
  31. Billy says John Feinstein author node done
  32. eponymous says Is Walter Jon Williams what you're looking for?
  33. Inoshiro_K says I did Greg Egan for the quest thing :) (Geez, this one is a newbie who wrote a particularly good node. Hope (s?)he sticks around!)
  34. kenata says you kick ass dude. (How did that get in this list?)
  35. kto9 says Re: E2Quest Fav Auths, I'll chip in with Samuel Butler and David Maraniss
  36. icicle says ok i used the quest as an excuse to FINALLY node Judy Blume. i did Flannery O'Connor a while ago and i don't care if it counts, but it was well-received
  37. ClockworkGrue says How about a nonfiction author for your list like Howard Bloom? (Non-fiction? There's no kung-fu or action or explosions in Non-Fiction!)
  38. Sverre says I've added André Bjerke as part of the quest.
  39. Nekojin says I don't know if this qualifies, but I did a WU on Spider Robinson a while back. =^_^=
  40. godling says it's not in the quest but i think that eric+ did an excellent job of noding neil gaiman. (Shhhh, we won't spill the beans on eric+ *grin*)
  41. bexxta says Kirsten Savitri Bergh noded as part of the quest
  42. RubenAzarja says Nice reason to add one of my favourite Dutch authors: Simon Carmiggelt. Great Quest!!
  43. Pseudo_Intellectual says well, if you decide that poets and/or spoken word folks are kosher for the quest, please consider my new w/u under Shane Koyczan. It was writ for the quest.
  44. mellamaphone says Nick Earls. There was already a write-up there, but I gave it a shot anyway. Does it count? Meh.
  45. blondino says Check out my Vikram Seth w/u
  46. Maayan says Hi, I noded Elie Wiesel for the node quest.
  47. novasoy says I submit Martin Luther King Jr. for the quest.
  48. NatchLucid says re: your authors quest... my stubmission is Roger Zelazny
  49. Toxick says I don't know if it's blessing worthy, but Dean Koontz is done.
  50. MizerieRose says Aww, pooty...I already have a node about m fav author. :P Oh, and by the way, I like the Jovovich pic on your home node ^_^ She rocks.
  51. enth says I've posted a happy little writeup for Gregory Benford, dig it.
  52. GangstaFeelsGood says Tom Robbins is done for the challenge. booyaa!
  53. kto9 says I've enlarged the one previous entry for Robert Charles Wilson - it may be an acceptable quest offering
  54. RubenAzarja says Another masterpiece for Everything Quests: Favourite Authors, including the term rancid, especially for you: Gerard Reve :-)
  55. anthropod says Long disturbed by how Virginia Woolf's w/us are reduced to suicide, your quest has spurred me to exand the information there considerably. A legitimate entry for the quest, then.
  56. bobbb21 says About this quest. Most of my fav authors have already been taken, so would it be possible to do one on a manga writer-drawer?(Hell yes!)
  57. BuddahSmile says Just submitted one my fave authors to you: Lauren Henderson (Thanks for submitting her, she's damn cute!)
  58. enth says Amazingly, nobody'd done Bruce Sterling yet. So I did, for the quest.
  59. enth says Ooh, ooh, I hereby nominate girlotron for a blessing for Jeff Noon, it's a bitchin' writeup even though it's outside of the timestamp.
  60. evilrooster says Can I add James Schmitz, which will soon be renamed to his preferred sobriquet, James H. Schmitz.
  61. Langdon says hi! Just did Clifford D. Simak for the Author quest. My Frederik Pohl was too early by a week for your deadline, and I've got a (very old) Michael Stackpole. Cheers!
  62. legbagede says Martin Amis
  63. RainDropUp says Another one for you: Victor Hugo.
  64. kto9 says and one more before I leave for Mexico in the morning - Gunter Grass
  65. PhysicsChic says Yay! I am a quest virgin no longer. I have added Diana Gabaldon. (But will you still respect me in the morning?)
  66. frith6 says I've just done a wu on Margaret Mahy - A brilliant children's book author.
  67. AnotherMartini says I've added a bio and bibliography to William Gibson
  68. hashbrownie says I doubt this is the type of author you were thinking of in your quest, but what the hell! Bill James
  69. jkao says I noded Catherine Asaro for the Authors Quest...
  70. Teiresias says Quest entry Oscar Wilde
  71. dg says wow! the author quest produced an amazing number of really good nodes. i'm very impressed. thanks for staging this.
  72. Maayan says Anne McCaffrey for the author quest. :-)
  73. Palpz says Ahhh yes please check out my submission for the E2 Quest on Authors, Thomas Harris
  74. LaggedyAnne says I spent an hour writing this node and if William Ayers doesn't appoint me president of his fanclub I'll just *DIE* I tell you. *DIE!!!* (I'll let ole' Billy know *wink*)
  75. Kidas says Stephen Hawking by Kidas. He's not my favourite, but he deserves a decent write-up and bio. Hope this is good enough (Sure is... seems the folks who don't think their work is "good enough" write the best stuff. Modesty has no place on E2 *wink*)
  76. Sverre says Re the quest, I've noded Asbjørnsen and Moe earlier.
  77. TheDeadGuy says William Kotzwinkle is my submission for the favourite author quest. carry on.
  78. Demeter says things are okay, if busy, and my quest contribution is Elinor M Brent-Dyer :-)
  79. wertperch says Gavin Maxwell is completed as my contribution to the Quest. Thanks!
  80. Soberty says A quest, a quest! My kingdom for a quest! With cheerful delight I'd like to submit Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which doesn't meet any of your requirements! (or maybe some, in a twisted way). You decide whether it's questworthy, aye? (It are)
  81. Sverre says I submit Henrik Wergeland to the quest
  82. sid says Not sure if it counts, but I respectfully submit my nearly comprehensive WU on Noam Chomsky.
  83. mkb says raymond coulombe isn't really all that great for the quest, but i might be able to fix it up
  84. Alias Mother Jonez says I'd like to do David Sedaris; sadly, James Joyce has been done (to death, some would argue). W.B. Yeats?
  85. Inoshiro_K says -grin- This place suddenly feels much more open and friendly to terminally shy little me... I'll definitely be doing some more noding, soon as I find things to node about.
  86. RubenAzarja says I really enjoy the quest: Godfried Bomans was a nodeshell rescue as well....
  87. enth says A'ight, got another author for yer contest, by the name of Greg Bear. HOORAY!!1!1!
  88. Great Neb says eric ambler, king of thrillers and spy novels is presented for your delictation
  89. drownzsurf says I couldn't help but msg you on your having Asimov (The hawk) and Clarke (the dove) side by side. I loved 'em both, two , what ever happened to Jose Farmer?
  90. WolfDaddy says Yo Pickle, I submit a bibliography-less Mark Waid. The guy's too prolific for me to include everything he's ever written, so I just touched on the major stuff in the writeup :)
  91. RubenAzarja says Gerrit Achterberg!
  92. amnesiac says rancid_pickle - when the quest is over - can the submitted writeups be listed in the quest node and left for a while as I'm enjoying reading them in turn - they are all of such high quality, it's quite something. (Sure thing, there were a slew of quality entries, and you should spend all of your upvotes on them!)
  93. agazade says what a brilliant quest! i hope my wu on Fay Weldon meets the standard
  94. legbagede says hi! i did Martin Amis and Jorge Luis Borges
  95. bexxta says ive noded Justine Ettler for the quest...
  96. Kidas says Well, Bless my Node. I know you have a trillion of these, but Thanks! (and I won't be upset if you don't reply. You must have a lot to get through....Thanks again. Great quest, and what a result!
  97. Maayan says One more.. Marion Zimmer Bradley.
  98. erevapisces says I humbly extend Margaret George for consideration in your quest, your not-so-fresh gherkiness
  99. plink says Yo, yo, yo! Matt Ruff in the Quest hizz-ouse. Peace out.
  100. fuzzy_and_blue also added an addendum to Matt Ruff.
  101. Lometa says read William Carlos Williams :)
  102. RainDropUp says =) Thanks. Your burned out eyes and numb fingers must be thanking you that it's finally the 21st! heh. At any rate, I loved looking through the quest material and submitting. Thanks! =)
  103. Amarcord says Hello, Mr. Pickle... just wrote a Tristan A. Farnon writeup with your Quest in mind. Hope it's suitable. :) (With the amount of material added by relative "newbies", and the impressive quality of writing, we should have quests more often. There are several folks I will be following in their career here, all because they took the time to add an author to the nodegel.)
  104. Cleaning Lady says I did T. A. Carpenter for the quest.
  105. Colorless Green Idea says Master, I have done your bidding. John McPhee awaits your excellency's scrutiny. :)
  106. rycerice says Edgar Allan Poe
  107. wunderhorn1 says My first quest, and I can't even get my entry in on time!! (Time is an illusion. Server Time doubly so.) Anyhow, I hope you will find Fred Rogers, if not elligible for the quest, at least acceptable for e2. (Since I'm the E2God that made the quest, I can break my rules. It's such a great entry I'd be a fool NOT allowing it in.)
  108. hoodx says Charlotte Perkins Gilman is like, my quest entry.
  109. tes says A list of the writeups on this quest and their authors on the quest node would be great; some of these are fantastic and I would like to upvote many of them.
  110. mkb says raymond coulombe isn't really all that great for the quest, but i might be able to fix it up
  111. Albert Herring says Far from complete or in any way blessable, but Cesare Pavese was generally intended as a favourte author node. Got distracted by rereading one of his books, though. Attention span of a fruit fly on sulphate, me. (Good start, just don't forget to finish it!)
  112. Pseudo_Intellectual says this testing thing has put a real damper on the enthusiasm I had to cram in a few more writers before the quest deadline, and I suspect I'm not the only one. Thoughts towards extending it a coupla test-free days? 8) (Knowing the volume of stuff that P_I wrote, I advanced him 2 blessings to add a couple of spoken word/slam poet entries. Keep an eye out for them.)
  113. getha says Not even close to being in the quest time frame, but I once wrote one for Colleen McCullough and Henri Charriere. If you're going to create a list of wu's on authors, please include these two...
  114. Lometa says aww what a wonderful person you are! Just so thoughtful and kind I am so happy to see a quest again It's been too long:) (Hopefully, we'll see more of them. This was a lot of work, but it was fun, entertaining and insightful.)
  115. drownzsurf says yes, I mean no, my Kenneth Scott Latourette is missing from the Quest, unless I was disqualified. You said msg you, so here it is.
  116. Sha_a says - james patterson (Missed this one, sorry Sha_a)

This was a LOT of fun, I have a few authors I'm gonna catch up on. Overall, the quality was excellent. I was particularly surprised by the quality of the newbie submissions. There's a lot of talent hidden away on E2, just take the time to look for it. If you like the work by one of the above entrants, please take the time to read some of their other stuff.

If I missed your entry, please /msg me so I can correct my error!

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