An author of fantasy and science fiction, with a heavy Christian theme. His principal series are:

A Wizard in Rhyme
Matthew Mantrell, a graduate student is transplanted to the alternate world of Merovence, where magic works and God and Satan exist (and actively interact with the world).
Her Majesty's Wizard
The Oathbound Wizard
The Witch Doctor
The Secular Wizard
My Son, The Wizard
The Haunted Wizard
The Crusading Wizard
The Feline WIzard
The Warlock
Rodney d'Armand (aka Rod Gallowglass) is an agent for SCENT, when he lands on the forgotten world of Gramarye - where telepaths and telekinetics are "witches" and "warlocks", and elves and faeries exist.
The Warlock in Spite of Himself
King Kobold Revived
The Warlock Unlocked
Escape Velocity
The Warlock Enraged
The Warlock Wandering
The Warlock is Missing
The Warlock Heretical
The Warlock's Companion
The Warlock Insane
The Warlock Rock
Warlock and Son
The Rogue Wizard
Magnus d'Armand, eldest son of Rodney d'Armand, leaves his homeworld to roam about the galaxy helping save the innocent from backwords worlds.
A Wizard in Mind
A Wizard in Bedlam
A Wizard in War
A Wizard in Peace
A Wizard in Chaos
A Wizard in Midgard
A Wizard and a Warlord
A Wizard in the Way
A Wizard in a Feud
The Warlock's Heirs
The stories of the children of the Gallowglass family.
A Wizard in Absentia
M'Lady Witch
Quicksilver's Knight
The Spell-Bound Scholar
The Star Stone
The Shaman
The Sage
Starship Troupers
A Company of Stars
We Open on Venus
A Slight Detour

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