Marion Zimmer Bradley is acknowledged by many to be the "first lady" of science fiction and fantasy, both because of the sheer volume of literature that she has written, and also because of the rich detail of the worlds she has created.

Born on June 3, 1930 in Albany, NY, Marion Zimmer began writing short stories as a teenager and sold her first story in 1949 when she won an amateur fiction contest in FANTASTIC/AMAZING STORIES. Also in 1949, Marion married her husband, Robert Alden Bradley, with whom she had a son, David. Shortly after the birth of David, Marion and Robert divorced. In the late 1960's she married Walter Breen, and had two more children, Patrick and Moira.

Concurrent with her professional writing career, which she began in 1952 with the sale of a story to Vortex Science Fiction Magazine, Marion Zimmer Bradley pursued an undergraduate degree at Hardin Simmons University and then did graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley.

Bradley is best known for her Darkover series, which began with Planet Savers, published in 1962. In addition to publishing novels and short stories, Bradley was also the editor of Fantasy Magazine, which she founded in 1988. She also edited several fantasy anthologies entitled Sword And Sorceress.

Marion Zimmer Bradley died on September 25, 1999, as the result of a heart attack. She was posthumously awarded a Life Achievement Award in 2000 by the World Fantasy Convention.

Bibliography, by category

Planet Savers, 1962
Sword Of Aldones, 1962
The Bloody Sun, 1964
Star Of Danger, 1965
Winds Of Darkover, 1970
World Wreckers, 1971
Darkover Landfall, 1972
The Spell Sword, 1974
Heritage Of Hastur, 1975
Shattered Chain, 1976
Forbidden Tower, 1977
Stormqueen, 1978
Two To Conquer, 1980
Sharra's Exile, 1981
Hawkmistress, 1982
Thendara House, 1983
City Of Sorcery, 1984
Heirs Of Hammerfell, 1989
Rediscovery, 1993
Exile's Song, 1996
Shadow Matrix, 1997

Darkover Anthologies
The Keeper's Price, 1980
Sword Of Chaos, 1982
Free Amazons Of Darkover, 1985
Other Side Of The Mirror, 1987
Red Sun Of Darkover, 1987
Four Moons Of Darkover, 1988
Domains Of Darkover, 1990
Renunciates Of Darkover, 1991
Leroni Of Darkover, 1991
Towers Of Darkover, 1993
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover, 1993
Snows Of Darkover, 1994

Science Fiction
The Door Through Space, 1961
Seven From The Stars, 1962
Falcons Of Narabedla, 1964
The Brass Dragon, 1970
Colors Of Space, 1983
The Endless Voyage, 1975
The Endless Universe, 1979
Hunters Of The Red Moon, 1973
The Survivors, 1979
The Ruins Of Isis, 1980
Survey Ship, 1980
Warrior Woman, 1985

Drums Of Darkness, 1976
House Between The Worlds, 1981
The Inheritor, 1984
Night's Daughter, 1985
Fall Of Atlantis, 1987
Dark Satanic, 1988
Black Trillium (With Andre Norton & Julian May), 1990
Witch Hill, 1990
Lady Of The Trillium, 1995
Tiger Burning Bright (With Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey), 1995
Ghostlight, 1995
Witchlight, 1996
Glenraven (With Holly Lisle), 1996
Gravelight, 1997
Gratitude Of Kings, 1997
In The Rift, 1998
Heartlight, 1998

The Best Of Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1988
Lythande, 1986
Sword And Sorceress, 1984
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 2, 1985
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 3, 1986
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 4, 1987
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 5, 1988
Spells Of Wonder, 1989
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 6, 1990
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 7, 1990
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 8, 1991
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 9, 1992
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 10, 1993
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 11, 1994
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 12, 1995
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 13, 1996
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 14, 1997
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 15, 1998
Sword And Sorceress, Vol. 16, 1999
Best Of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Vol. 1, 1994
Best Of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Vol. 2, 1995

The Mists of Avalon, 1983
The Forest House, 1994
Lady of Avalon, 1997

The Catch Trap, 1979
The Firebrand, 1987

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