An author of fantasy, Dave Duncan was born in Scotland in 1933. He graduated from the University of St. Andrews, and then moved to Canada. He began writing in his fifities, and has since written over thirty novels. He has also written books under the pen name of Ken Hood.

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His works:

A Man of His Word
The story of Rap, in a world where magic power is based on the number of "words" you know.
Magic Casement
Faery Lands Forlorn
Perilous Seas
Emperor and Clown
A Handful of Men
The sequel series to A Man of His Word. The choices made by Rap at the end of A MAn of His Word return to haunt his family.
The Cutting Edge
Upland Outlaws
The Stricken Field
The Living God
The Seventh Sword
Wallie Smith is transplanted into the body of Shonsu, master swordsman in the World. His adventures as he follows the dictates of the Goddess in changing the world.
The Reluctant Swordsman
The Coming Of Wisdom
The Destiny Of The Sword
The Great Game
Two adjacent worlds, where strangers who have crossed from their native world have charisma (magic ability] in the other world.
Past Imperative
Present Tense
Future Imperative
The King's Blades
Warriors are bonded to protect the king or a noble. They have superhuman abilities - and intense paranoia - dedicating their life to protecting their charge.
The Gilded Chain
Lord of the Fire Lands
Sky of Swords
The King's Daggers
A spin-off series from The King's Blades
Sir Stalwart
The Crooked House
The Omar Books
The Reaver Road
The Hunter's Haunt
How a story can unfold and a mystery be solved as a competive storytelling unwinds.
Daughter Of Troy
The Cursed
West of January
A Rose-Red City
The Years of Longdirk
Written as Ken Hood, these books never sold well. Mr. Duncan hopes to make them available electronically at some point.
Demon Sword
Demon Rider
Demon Knight

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