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Yup, I was in on the joke. My persona was one FwuffyBunny, not so much a troll as a completely inept user who wrote very bad poetry and whined about her parents. I even made a webpage for her -- you can check it out at if you want to, I was rather pleased with it. Kudos go to JyZude who spotted her as a fake right away.

I thought it was funny. Hell, I still think it was funny. Events of the previous few days that we couldn't have known about conspired to make it more effective -- and possibly scarier -- than it was meant to be. If we hadn't been slashdotted on Friday, I doubt the level of credulousness would have been so high.

Also, had DMan, Gortician et. al. not been so vociferous on /. I doubt that their names would even have been mentioned.

But every so often we do have a right to let off steam. Many of us spend day after day talking to trolls and the clueless, attempting to help them, and cleaning up after them -- and being abused and systematically downvoted for it. Our troll accounts will last no longer than most of theirs -- a bare 24 hours -- and unlike them we will clear up our own mess.

The only lasting damage will come if people don't take it as it was meant -- one day in 365 of chaos. I don't think we anticipated the panic, which I think would have been absent without the slashdot article and I personally am sorry that people were distressed. But, nonetheless, I enjoyed it, and had fun being totally irresponsible for a change.

Now, back to nuking my nodes.


I should have known, but I didn't.

"That's a joke, son."

Some users have left E2 because of the foolery of Tom, and I'm reckonin' that that may be the right choice.

Now, maybe I haven't earned my bullshit, I don't know, but I do know that the Editors/Gods haven't been setting a good example.

I realize that it was April Fools Day. I realize that it was kind of funny. I realize the Gods and Editors and Content Editors have a lot of shit to put up with.

F'ing Christ knows that if I did anything like this it wouldn't be tolerated. People have gotten upset because I filled the new writeups with fact nodes! You know what they should do? Use their friggin' Editor Logs and Day Logs like the rest of us.

Breathe, man, breathe.

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna call it like I see it, and I may be over reacting and this is a web site and none of this really matters and it was all a joke and I should lighten up.

But, right now I realize I'm not important. I realize that I will never earn my bullshit. I realize I will never be cool. My very happiness and existence here is temporary. I will never write the perfect node. All my writeups are going to be subjective.

Of course I don't matter. Everything will be fine without me.

I'll stick around, I'm pretty sure. I don't know why. I guess I still have hope. I guess.

For space reasons, at dem_bones request, April Trolls Day writeup is continued here

I don't mean to make this a GTKY node, but I need to contribute. Kudos to Coby for posting my original node =)

Ok, I realy think this whole prank sucked big floppy doggy dick to be frank. I'm sure the gods were laughing hysterically, and I even found it a bit funny myself, but not being able to node for hours and then not getting anything in return is pure punishment.

However, I have a few theories.

This was an addiction test

Everyone knows that E2 can be very addictive. There are hundreds of nodes about noding after all. I think the gods were testing the potency of their product. They wanted to make sure, like an evil corporate nicotine company depicted in a Truth commerical, that their product was addictive. I suspect they weren't expecting such extreme withdrawl symptoms.

EDB is Sentient

Some people suggested this before it was revealed that the whole thing was a prank. But one must consider, was it really? Was it really a prank? Or did EDB eat all the gods! It would be the perfect time to strike, and everyone would accept it as a prank.

There is no spoon

We're all in The Matrix and everything2 is a direct connection to the sea of information. Neo blew up that big government building and that caused the l33t speak and outage. This whole prank buisiness is just a cover up.

moved by bones' request:
First off, I'd like to thank the gods et al for their lovely performance last night. The most interesting puzzle was figuring out which clueless users were, in fact, newbies, and which ones were deities in disguise.

That said, the joke did go a trifle far. I'll pull out the soapbox here. Lesson from writing LARPs:

GM coolness is inversely proportional to player coolness
You can s/GM/god/ and s/player/noder/ to get the same effect. The problem this gag had was that it was really cool if you were in on it; funny if you weren't in on it, but got it, and not funny if you didn't get it.

The problem that most people have when they play practical jokes is that they don't know when to stop.

And for those of you that are disappointed in the juvenile behavior of our "elders," this is good for you. The gods don't know any better than you - if a god says, "You shouldn't do foo," what you should think is, "Hey, there's a reason she thinks that. Let me figure out why, and then make my own decision about it." You may disagree with the god - but do so because you are right, not because you are ornery.
Oh, and thank you for all the trolls so I could dump votes into downvotes for a change.
Can you kill the damned leetspeak so I can proofread my wu? Sheesh!

Well, I'm glad that so many people see this from the lighter side, and I will probably do so too one day. However, I'm a bit disturbed by this prank. Of course there's no real harm from this, and parts of it was funny even when I finally did believe that we were under a real h4X0r attack. ("My mom will shut off my PC!")

But, in my book, this is still the equivalent of

  • Shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre, just to see people react under stress
  • Stomping on anthills just to see the little ants run around, desperately

A little too childish for my taste, really. When one of the trolls referred to having deleted the latest backup - "I hope it wasn't the one under /opt/backup/03312001" or something to that extent - I really felt that more was at stake than that the jokes would be on us. But maybe that's just me taking E2 too seriously?

My heroes were Jurph, Cletus the Foetus and Nanosecond - among others - who are people who had the courage to stand up for E2, knowing somewhere that it could be a cheap joke on them. In the face of having parts or all of it destroyed, there was little room for personal pride. But again, maybe we're just taking E2 too seriously ?

"Letting of steam" ? Hope you feel better now. Some of us don't.

Anyway, I'm glad that some of you enjoyed this. I myself lost a little sleep, but I still think it was worth it. I will certainly feel differently about e2 from now on.

As yet another editor that was in on the joke, I have my own thoughts on this, but much of it has been said in one way or another by other folks in April Trolls Day, so instead of debating whether people are hurt or we've damaged E2 or what, I'll say this: I had imagined that the prank would be a whole lot more subtle, low-intensity kind of thing. In that light, what we probably should have done is had just a couple of us each sign up for a 1- or 2-hour window of opportunity where our troll account would make an appearance, submit a few dyed-in-the-wool dumb troll nodes, do a little troll dance in the catbox and then get out. I had figured on playing it so that my troll would be just convincing enough that nobody would question that he was anything but a clueless, misguided newbie, and the comedy would come in the dialogue with people not in on the joke trying to straighten him out.

Instead, by the time I logged on ready to do my part, about 10 of us were out swinging hard. ENN was full of conjectures about the sexual exploits of Sophanda Peters, that the database had been taken over by hackers, and Stile-related stuff was flowing through the catbox. We had already peaked, it was only a few hours into April 1 server time, and users were starting to get annoyed.

So I sat out, which was disappointing, but I didn't want to make an out-of-control situation worse. Here's what you missed: A couple of days before I had prepared Indecent Otto1, who was a typical dumbass male noder. My strategy was this: Long ago I singlehandedly embarked on the E2 Editor Ass Project, which involved finding & nuking the chaff mostly leftover from fled E1 users on the operative principle that most of these folks, oddly enough, had at least one writeup with the word "ass". So a simple "ass" search found hundreds of node-auditable users that had some really bad ass (as opposed to badass) writeups.

Here's a couple of examples:

kicks ass by goldilox: "Kicking ass if fun if you are not having your ass kicked. If you like the person who is kicking your ass, it's okay. If you don't like the person, you should do some ass kicking of your own. Donkeys are asses. Do not kick them. That's cruelty to animals."

ass crack deodorant by codehead: "Ass crack deoderant is sprayed on the sphincter area. It is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures and can be used to counteract the olefactory effects of gas as well as reduce the effects of smelly finger syndrome."

You just can't make stuff like that up, so since I'd nuked it long ago & it was all long gone and hopefully forgotten, I figured I'd just start dropping it back in as authentic, dumb noding, and wait for the flood of downvotes and disapproving messages. Since Sophanda et al had gone way beyond that before I even arrived, you were all spared the scatalogical drivel that Otto was going to temporarily inflict on the database, and I just sat back and watched.

I must say that Poop et al deserve an Academy Award of sorts for going at it that hard, if not in an over-the-top way. I think it ultimately backfired when users realized that the lunatics had taken over the asylum -- which in a way is a kind of odd complement for us, since it's our job to make sure that kind of thing never happens. It was, if nothing else, a nice cathartic experience for the Eds/Gods. We work silently and hard to clean up a less caricatured, more pathetic version of this kind of stuff every day so you don't have to wade through it or even see it. After seeing crap like that over and over it gets to you after a while, and you need to blow off steam somehow.

I'm just sorry you had to see us all do it all at once.

1Of this at least I am proud: "Indecent Otto" is a pseudo-anagram of "Content Editor" (less an 'r' that wouldn't fit anywhere). I tried anagramming my own username but couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't look extremely odd as a newbie nic. (Three p's in sockpuppet -- even if you take one out you get "Pesto Puck" or "Stuck Pope", not very satisfying.) I spent most of the time wishing I had The Custodian's nic, which anagrams to any number of wonderful things including:

Suction Death
Nude Shit Taco
Teutonic Dash
Haste Conduit

Any one of which would make a killer noder name, or (almost goes without saying) an excellent name for a rock band.


For those of you who were unlucky enough to have missed it all, I've posted a transcript of the ChatterBox on

I say this:

I enjoyed it!

Even though I jojo'd from knowing it was a prank to hoping it was to wondering if it was real...
I distinctly remember laughing my *** off in the middle of the night at some of the trolls in the CB...

I had been on the night leading up to April Fools Day and had participated in some ChatterBox chatter. Because my local time is an hour in front of server time, it was already getting pretty late when server time rolled over to the next day. I hung around for a short while after server rollover and saw the appearance of the trolls.
Talk about timing, chevette...

23:54: Stilroc: woah
23:57: slide: EDB? where?
23:58: Evil Catullus sighs.
23:59: Yablo farts at EDB, then runs away to do something else
00:01: chevette fumbles in
00:02: Stilroc wants to see EDB eat itself
00:03: newgirl: is this where one may 'talk" with an eidtor?
00:03: newgirl: SORRY EDitor?
00:03: Xamot: newgirl: that and so, so, so much more
00:04: e-dawg: what is the purpose of EDB? Is it a cleaning mechanism or purely wackyness.
00:04: Sophanda Peters: This is chat yo? So A/S/L everybody im 17/f/los angeles
00:05: Xamot: e2 != aol
00:05: chevette: edb is good, wacky, purposeful, and dead sexy
00:05: Cletus the Foetus: WHAT THE HELL!?!

And with those two lines by newgirl the mayhem started...

Some things to note in the above short transcript:
  • EDB is apparently quite liked (ahem) by some everythingians.
  • Spelling on E2 is not as bad as it sometimes seems.
  • Cletus the Foetus was the first to see (or the first to comment on) a 1337-speak or sdrawkcab-written writeup. Many were to follow...
  • Some gods do pay attention when /borging and nuking...
  • Yablo and EDB have some weird shit goin' on.

1 Warning: I've done nearly no editing of the transcript, so you're on your own there...
   It's also godawfull long. Heheh

April 8, 2001

I started the evening with a subtle hint -- perhaps too subtle:

I noded Miss Nelson Is Missing!, as a signal that Viola Swamp was really just Miss Nelson.

Kudos to you if you spotted this. My sincere apologies to everyone who was offended, especially Sophonda Peters. Sophonda, if you're out there, please know this: I will not fuck you on the bus to school.

/msg content_editors Hey, this is a message for the whole administration: Is there anything planned for April fool's day? if not there really should be.

I'm sorry.

I was sitting in my chair, noding, and I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if E2 could do something for 4/1?" After all, April Fools Day is the only holiday that's celebrated across all religions and most countries[1]. I thought it would be cool to say that E2 has been sold. I even wrote a press release from the fictitous First Post News Network:

Everything2 Reorganizing

FP-- Due to the recent economic recession in the technology sector, Blockstackers Intergalactic is filing for bankruptcy. The company's popular website, Everything2, is undergoing reorganization.

     "It's a damn shame." says Ryan Postma, known to the website's users as 'dem bones.' "All this work, down the toilet. I mean, it would be one thing if it was just Slashdot- nobody reads that rag anyway. But this is E2, man. I mean, it's everything! What am I going to do with my life? I've never been outside for more than thirty minutes, I've never had a real job. Are you guys hiring? Do you need a copy editor or something?"

     But Dem Bones is not the only one affected by the closing of the software company. Thousands of Everything2 users worldwide are now left "nodeless", as one user put it. We interviewed Evan, an everything2 user, at him at his home in Illinois.

     "I've spent my adolesence there. E2 taught me so much about life- how to laugh, how to cry, how to love. Everything2 had the greatest people. The catbox [sic] was always full of people I felt I could talk to. I don't even have any real life friends anymore. It was E2, all the way. Now with BSI closing, I might not have E2 anymore. It's a damn shame."

     What Evan doesn't know is that there might be a future for this so-called Internet Community. Obtrude Textiles, a manufacturer of fine handkercheif products, has put down a bid of $48 for the site. CEO of Obtrude Mike Oxlong met with FP news.

"We're interested on starting a website on that innernet thing. And my little brother's friend Jessica- she's one of these 'noders' or whatever. So anyway, she tells me that this Anything2 has a writeup about Handkercheifs, and it's going out of business, so I says, 'how much." I gets a call from this Nathan guy- nice kid- and he says fer me to make him an offer. So I say, fifty bucks. And he says, 'throw in a handkercheif.' So I says, a handkercheif'll be two bucks for you, just like everyone else. So he says, ok, and gives me an address and a username. My name's Looniechick or somethin."

     The new, reorganized Everything2 will go online this Sunday, with a variety of new features. Under obtrude leadership, Everything2 will be changed from a multiuser, collaborative encyclopediac database on the sum of all knowledge of the human race to a multiuser, collaborative encyclopediac database on the sum of all handkercheif related information.

     "The administration is furious." Team Jet-Poop is a group of seven people who go by a collective house name, made of their initials. "The seven of us have joined together with the rest of the fifty or so adminitrators and editors, as well as the Collective Eye, in protest. We refuse to edit this new Handkerbase, as they call it. We just have better things to do. Like promote facial tissues. Did you know that tissues are not only more enviromentally friendly than handkercheifs, they're also cheaper and more sanitary?" The seven team members continued drawing plans for what appeared to be the word "KLEENEX" in skywriting.

     The new administrative editor, Hugh G. Rection, has big plans for Everything2.

     "The last group of ninnies had this thing called XP. It was a great idea, but it was underimplemented. We plan on setting up a secure interface where you can purchase XP, buy Everything2 products with it, and use it to play these neat games, like Page Invaders and Whack-A-Troll. See, in this one, you play as this guy, Dman, and you eat this little power dots- we call them 'Liberals'- and you're chased by these little ghosts around this maze.

"Actually, there's tons of money to be made off of this Everything2 thing. We've got a deal going through with Pepsi-Co to sell an Everything2 flavored soda... it's called 'nodegel.' Yeah, I know, it's not a very appitizing name, but it's just a preliminary thing. We'll change it to something cool like Flav-o-goop as soon as the license expires. It's pretty good... Jukka flavored, whatever the hell that is."

Well, anyway, I guess it kind of got out of hand. I wasn't here for any of it, but I stand behind the actions of everyone else. If you were offended or whatever, just lighten up, ok? Thanks.

If I ever get an idea again, smack me.

i'm glad you editors and gods had your fucking fun. i'm glad you got to blow off steam. you *do* put up with way, way more shit than you should have to from me, and from other users.


the initial pranks i saw were funny. n-wing's scripts were amusing as all hell. the fake trolls were funny. juvenile as all get-out, but FUNNY. stile was getting out of hand. and when "dman" entered the picture, that was way the hell too much.

and no. i'm not being a "poor sport". that's the worst part of all. due to various (and reliable) sources, i was *quite* aware from early on this was all a joke. well, except for you, general wesc. i believed YOU, hook, line, and sinker. and i'm glad to have you still here. and yes, that was funny.) the rest, i KNEW it was a joke.

i wish i didn't.

i'd have rather it been trolls and hackers.

editors, gods. i respect you guys. i look up to you guys. and until now, i trusted you guys. at one point in time, i hoped to join you. i don't wish that, right now. all these things have been damaged. a lot. yes, i know you're human. i know that. but the difference is *you have power*. you have the power within this system. and you abused it. the worst we can do is fuck up normally. you can fuck up on a much, much grander scale.


you *used* the power you had for your own motives. at least one of you did. maybe more.

like i said before. parts of it were funny. what was *unique*, was funny. when it started to involve real people, it lost its humor.

i was *here*, and i was watching and worrying, when the REAL stile invasion happened some months ago. i sat that out, i watched it, powerless, worrying. your impersonation of it brought up some fairly bad memories of the actual event. but it was still a prank, if not a distasteful one, at this point.

when you involved dman, you crossed the line. you *so* fucking crossed the line. you WERE in the wrong there. i refer, most specifically to the comments made about saige. that was a BLATENT abuse of power.

yes. dman treated saige that way. i know this. that doesn't make it right. i know, also, many of the gods and editors here severely *disliked* saige. some were openly hostile to her. but she's GONE. she left, mostly because of the behaviors she received.


those of you who hated her, you got what you wanted. she left. why was that not *enough*? why did you have to go throw a knife at the back she long ago turned to you?

you used the power you had, the power to open and manipulate at will other user accounts. and you put the words *you* wanted to say, in the mouth of another. another who is no longer here, either, to say if those still *remain* his words or not.

putting words in the mouth of one mute, to throw at another gone, is inexcusable. completely and utterly. it disgusts me you didn't say the fucking things yourselves. you were happy to say what you felt, if you could get away. but you would not take responsibility for it. you're no better than the people who used the everyone account to flame. the same account some of you were responsible for shutting down! you... are... no... better... at... all.


she actually gives a damn about me. she's offered me a listening ear and good advice more times than i can express.

i don't know what you have against her. and it doesn't matter. that's between you and her, and really none of my business.

but i refuse to stand by and watch a friend get knifed in the back, and not do a damn thing about it.

yes. i'm just a punk little kid. a college-aged smart-ass who thinks she knows it all. and one who *is* wrong a good deal of the time. yes, many of you have years on me, or experience i'd never dream of. yes, i'm still fairly new here, yes, i'm low level. that doesn't matter. this one time, i KNOW for certain. i *know* you were wrong here.

not in all the jokes.
not nearly in all the jokes.
humor is good.

but in parts of it, you fucked up. you ARE wrong. you were wrong. i know this much for sure.

e2 was always sort of a home to me. it was the one place online i still frequented that was sacred. sure, there was shit that went down all the time. but it was still ... it was home.

i've shared more with you, e2 as a collective, than i have with any person in the world i know in flesh (save one. but you know all about him already. i've told you that too.)

i've shared my heart. i've shared my thoughts and how i feel. i've shared deeply personal things. and i don't regret a minute of that. i don't begrudge having said the things i did. i'll continue to speak.

but, for a while, perhaps not quite as freely. not quite as openly. because this doesn't feel quite like home anymore. more like i'm visiting. spending the night at a friend's house. a good friend, yes. but not *my* home. and, childlike, in a place not quite mine... i have the tiniest bit of fear of what lurks under the bed. of claws coming up to grab me and drag me down and suck me dry of blood.

because i sat and *watched* as this was done to my friend. she was already dead, really. but i watched, horrified, as her corpse was defiled.

i don't feel safe anymore. not quite. not anymore.

happy fucking april fools yourself. you've done more damage (and NOT just to me) than i think you'll ever really know. have a nice day.

Ack! You lost the trust of the userbase!

I believe the original intent of this prank was, given the bad press editors and Gods have had lately, to show what would happen if the site was invaded by trolls and they weren't able to help. Make us appreciate them as it were.

Well, that worked a fucking charm, didn't it?

The joke was, in hindsight, quite a good one. But it got out of control, people got genuinely panicked, and the plug probably should have been pulled. It certainly shouldn't have gone on for fourteen hours. Asides from everything else, by that point it was just a pain - E2 was moving like treacle, the catbox and new nodes were full of shit, and any nodes you wanted to read tended to appear in l33t.

Impersonation. One excuse an editor gave me was that "no active noders were impersonated without their permission". Yes, but we all know who DMan and Jay Stile are, even if they aren't currently active on the dbase. If someone created a user on some discussion board and used it to slag people off, it wouldn't be justifiable just because bones doesn't frequent that board. I can't comment on the DMan/Saige comments as I didn't see them, but it sounds like whoever did it should have known better.

Satirical Licence. The troll impersonations were excellent. I never would have dreampt that some of the Gods/Eds were capable of writing anything that offensive, even in the name of satire. I'm rather dissapointed to discover that they could.

Aftermath. April Trolls Day goes up, all the Eds/Gods have a good laugh about the chaos they've caused, some users join in. One user raises a valid complaint, gets insta-nuked. Users who complain are given the "my way or the highway" line, or told to just take a joke. Easy thing to say when you're the joker, not the jokee.

I acknowledge it was a joke. I acknowledge you needed to let off some steam. Now could you acknowledge that, for whatever reason, some people didn't find it funny, and apologise. The display of arrogance has pissed me off tremendously. Is it really easier to repeatedly nuke nodes, /msg users and eventually drive people off the dbase than it is to admit that you made an error of judgement?

I've lost a lot of respect for most Gods/Editors over the handling of this, and gained respect for a few. I'll cherish the memories of XP Whores repeatedly using Punch Thyself to 'gain' 10XP, and lament the loss of Magenta.

Now please, let no more be said.
This is a little late in submitting but what the hell...

When I logged in on the first, I noticed a name at the top of the Other Users list that I had never noticed or seen before. When I clicked on the name I saw the persons homenode. I saw 19 writeups and almost 2 million experience and was a bit confused. I looked to the chatterbox for some answers and it seemed to be that the user had hacked into the site. I was unswayed at first because it was April Fool's Day and all. After a while it seemed as though they had actually hacked into the site and I got a little worried.

Then I_0WnZ_yEw started talking trash about people and I even stood up for Rancid_Pickle against him:

04:54: I_0WnZ_yEw: rancidpickle is a ass, if i am wrong just say so
04:54: artemis entreri: let the dust settle...then nuke em all....die...
04:54: JerboaKolinowski imagines what would happen if the site admins temporarily assumed false identities and spent hours relieving frustration by imitating trolls ..
04:54: Mitchevious: i will destory the heathens that have tainted our sacred tomb
04:55: mlony: you're wrong
04:55: I_0WnZ_yEw: i thoght so so shut the hell up and stop wining you can't track down shit
04:55: Haystack: *salutes E2's administration* Nice joke, guys and gals.
04:55: artemis entreri: i love the fact that i own you has a couple million xp ...

I had no idea I was defending Pickle from himself!

I heard the Editors claim that someone messed with the opcode and had changed all their configurations. Being part of edev I looked at the opcode...everything seemed in place. I didn't say anything of course and was still a bit skeptic. I read through some of the garbage that I_0WnZ_yEw had written and noticed something that said which was obviously in the private message inbox, "dem bones says You've got some serious xp there... thank me later but point it out in the box." It was then that I realized that this was in fact a prank.

All in all, it must have been fun, but I agree with Wuukiee on talking with other user names. When I heard that the users cureobsession, clearpebbles, and redboot were removed, I searched through their nodes to see why they were. I even talked to clearpebbles, redboot, and cureobsession about it. Apparently cureobsession had caused a big ruckus and clearpebbles and redboot's accounts were frozen because of him. cureobsession told me that people were calling him an asshole for things that he didn't even do. And then I saw clearpebbles logged in, I instant messaged her about it and she said it wasn't her. What was said through her username was a bit sad:

02:41: clearpebbles: Hi hi hi hi peeps! long time no seeum . wheres outpost mir/?
02:42: clearpebbles: Is dembones here now ive got a bi g ol' kiss for boner. (he made me go bye bye bye bye , but hi hi hi hi!@@@!

And then redboot was being talked about as though his name was added after what people were saying.

02:28: dannye: Well, here's what I heard. Seriously. The site was in danger, financially, but some wealthy dudes had some teen group who had been lurking here, and they paid bones ONE MILLION DOLLARS for full clearance to do as they wish. That's what I heard. redboot
02:38: dannye: Dunno, Gammy. Some assholes have more money than sense, eh? redboot
03:55: dannye: I'm sitting here trying to explain to a new user why I removed one of his writeups, and he's asking me (in the light of all this) how it could not be "anything goes" here. Any ideas on what I should say to this poor soul? Hmmm? redboot
03:56: dannye: And what kind of weird script keeps adding "redboot" to everything I say here?
03:56: dannye: redboot
04:15: dannye: Now I can't freaking type "borg" w/o it adding an "e" to the end. I'll see you guys later. I'm going huuume. redboot
18:15: Sylvar: Well, that was fun. I've gotta go move stuff into my new home. See you guys later. redboot

Saige I never talked to but by what Wuukiee says she sounded like she was a good person that just didn't get along with the Gods. All I know is, I hope you all had fun, I have no different view on you least not in time.

now if you would confess who was talking under their names...

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