"Red Hat has once again proven why they continue to be an important and influential leader in the Linux community."
-- Richard Vernon, Editor in Chief, Linux Journal

RedBoot is a standardized embedded debug and bootstrap solution that provides firmware for running and debugging eCos, GNUPro applications, and embedded Linux systems on a wide range of embedded platforms including ARM, MIPS, MN10300, PowerPC, Hitachi SHx, v850, and x86.
Because RedBoot is based on the eCos HAL, it can take advantage of the configuration capability and proven portability of eCos to a wide range of supported architectures and platforms. It is also completely open source.
RedBoot supports downloading and debugging of GNUPro and eCos applications, flash and network booting of the Linux kernel, and downloading and updating of flash images remotely via serial or Ethernet connections, thereby providing field upgradeability.
RedBoot is modular and has a well-defined architecture for adding new functionality. It also provides the convenience of command line and scripting interfaces.
RedBoot enhances the use of Red Hat GNUPro development tools by providing a target side hook known as a "stub" that enables gdb, the GNU debugger, to communicate with applications built with gcc or g++ running on the target board. With RedBoot, this debugging capability is available across the wide range of supported platforms.

NOTE: The sources for RedBoot are included as part of the eCos open source project found at http://sources.redhat.com/ecos.

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