I've just now realized why every day is seeming to blend into another over here, and the realization is slightly liberating, though frustrating. Every day here is the same thing, no excitement, no danger, not even risk of injury while sitting here at my desk typing away at things and listening to radios. My job is way too safe!

This lack of adrenal stimuli is building a feeling of complacency, as I said, the "every day is exactly the same feeling". If anything happens it happens in the middle of some province in the middle of nowhere that I can't pronounce the name of. I wish I could do something, even something as tame as maybe falling over and smashing my face would add some minor piece of physical stimulation to my day, just anything. Being in a dull mood like this kind of hurts in a kind of rotting-my-brain way. Doing a job like this is worse than watching reality TV for hours a day.

I wish I could just break out, make my day different, but I"m sure that would result in some negative effect on my job. I guess it's just more days ad nauseum until the end of this thing.

P.S sorry if my previous daylogs have all just been incessant bitching about how much I hate my job

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