Begin each day with gratitude, in silence, prayer or song.

(What I recently learned: wherever you are, in a standing relaxed knees position; place feet underneath hips, feet touching Earth, outward. While tucking hips forward, raise both arms slowly and hold, in a consciously relaxed open way, as if to embrace. Focus on the moment. Allow positive feelings to fill your body, starting with feet, moving upwards to heart and head. Let this feeling energize and revitalize you, as long as possible.)

Love the world and all Creation without judgment.

Eat healthy, within reason pausing to enjoy your tea, coffee, snack or meal. Savor the flavors.

Clean SOMETHING, even if it's one toilet or one load of laundry.

Spend 15 minutes per day outdoors, noting clouds, rain, birds, trees, plants, stars or planets at night.

Tell more than one person you care about them and why.

Walk, bike, play music, or dance.

Read. Learn new things; reflect on old things. Look at family photographs.

Cook. Shop local. Recycle or take care of garbage or litter in your sphere of influence.

End your day with gratitude. Sleep.

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