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Why it's important to read this before you begin writing

Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. This document explains a bit about Day Logs, where writers can post about their day, thoughts they don't feel work under another title, or discuss important events.

What is a Day Log?

A Day Log is a collection of writeups or articles titled by a day of the year. Users post (or commit the act of daylogging) about things that happened to them, progress on events in their life, reactions to local or global events, random musings, or about experiences writing on Everything2. It can also be a place to publish writing that doesn't work under another title or subject.

The current Day Logs are linked to from the front page of Everything2 for a quick way to find something to read.

Day Logs are different from Root Logs and Editor Logs. Root Logs are written by developers of Everything2, noting current ongoing changes to the code of the site. Editor Logs are written by the administrators, either Gods or Content Editors, regarding site activity or events. Day Logs, however, can be written by any registered user of the site.

Publishing a Day Log

See How do I submit a writeup of my own? for the basics in how to publish on this site. Day Logs are by default published 'Hidden from New Writeups'. What this means is that it does not show up in the list of New Writeups on the right side of the page, yet still will show up in other ways. The logs are hidden for the reason that when there are many new writeups published, Day Logs don't 'flood' that list, pushing other articles off of it. One can still make a Day Log appear 'Unhidden' in New Writeups, but this is advised only when writing about an important life event or announcement, otherwise some users will choose to downvote the article out of annoyance.

Some users choose to add navigation to their Logs to their previous log via pipe links. In a way, this is a holdover from the previous incarnation of Everything2, where there were limits to links to other pages. However, in certain cases a life story or series is being published, and navigation is helpful. You might also consider creating a 'Category' for the series as another way for people to read through them.

What else?

That's it! Well, except a reminder that Everything2 has some standards. Although Day Logs can be a catch-all of topics, it is still reviewed by the Staff, so Logs not following basic etiquette may be removed. See also advice given in Everything Daylogs.

Here are a few Day Logs deemed noteworthy by members of the Staff: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, & z.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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