The Everything Snapshot is a product of JeffMagnus. Every day at around midnight Everything time, a script runs to record information about Everything such as how many nodes exist and how many users are online. The Everything Snapshot is then recorded as part of the Everything Day Logs.

Update January 6, 2001: I have recently augmented my Everything Snapshot with the Everything Snapshot: Personal Snapshot. The Personal Snapshot allows users to keep track of changes in their XP, writeup count, nodeshare, and XP/Writeup ratio.

Update January 6, 2001: For an explanation of how nodeshare is calculated, please see Everything Snapshot: Nodeshare Calculations.

Back during the war, FDR asked me if I could come up with something along these lines; it would print up a compilation of important troop movements, intelligence info (plus some commentary from yours truly), a digest of world headlines, golfing news, and the first lady's itinerary, every 24 hours. I had Lucy Rutherford rig up some doohickey that would feed a recording of the encrypted morse code compilation to a teletype, which would print it out for the president; people just thought she was his mistress (and a damn fine secretary to boot), but she was also a geek grrl.

FDR died, so I never did get my commendation or my promotion out of the mess hall. This whole thing remains Top Secret, so don't you say nothing.

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