This is the first node i have written in a while (i hope i havent lost my touch..... wait i never had a touch to begin with.)

not much has happend to me lately, i went to a party with random_monkey and Bucko which was most enjoyable. the best part was when i realised that random_monkey was really pissed out of his face and drinking concotions that some of our other mates made, i think the main ingredient to that was cough medicine.......

i have avoided yet again getting chucked out of school, i got my work in on time after working my butt of in the holidays, every night till about 12:00am it was a bit of a bugger i can tell you! i am still going out with my current girlfriend (yay!) i cant believe she hasnt grown bored of me yet, whats even better is that we have booked a holiday together. we leave on the 30th june.

After a year of not working my dads band finally played their first gig at a club in my local town which means i was working again (yay again!) and it also means that i can start earning an income again. weeeeellllll i know this was an incredibly short node, but at this moment in time i really dont have nothing more to report.

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