A series of books published by Price/Stern/Sloan and much beloved of (plural noun) of all ages. Each (noun) contains a couple dozen (adjective) essays, ranging from educational (plural noun) to (adjective) drama scripts to purely silly (noun) -- with (adjective) words removed from the essay. In the place of the missing words are blank lines and generic (plural noun), like "noun," "adjective," "plural (noun)," "a person," "a nonsense word," "(noun)," "a body part," "a kind of food," and many others.

The game is played like this: one (noun) holds the (noun) and asks anyone else (verb ending with -ing) the game for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., in order to fill the blanks. When all the (plural noun) have been filled, the (noun) reads the whole (noun), adding the new (plural noun) into the blanks. Typically, the (adjective) essay is spectacularly silly, prompting much (adjective) laughter and general (adjective)ness.

After that, you pass the (noun) to some poor (noun), like (Everythingian), and let them (verb) the clues. A/An (adjective) time will be had by all, even notorious (plural noun) like you!

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