What? I don't understand. You mean like "grown at high altitude in Brazil or Colombia"? Your women pool shrinks to a bare minimum, like the pool of women who speak Esperanto while balancing seven spinning plates and wearing a Dale Evans outfit from some old Roy Rogers two-reeler. "Roasted just so"? Is this the politically correct thing to do to the fairer sex? I don't think so. Sold in bland, "coffeehouse" franchised retailers? Are women sold these days? I don't think so. Reheated in a microwave? Shame on you!

Tied up in a burlap sack and dragged through the Andes behind a donkey.

"Noir comme le diable,
Black as the devil,

chaud comme l'enfer,
hot as hell,

pur comme un ange,
pure as an angel,

doux comme l'amour."
sweet as love.

-- Talleyrand 

(for fuck's sake)

...in a plastic cup.

- TM and (C) Eddie Izzard, long may he reign.

That is the only punchline to this joke that is even remotely funny. Please refrain from adding your magical and stunningly original combinations of the words "Strong" "Sweet" "Bitter" "Black" and "Hot" below this writeup. Please. Can we get back to work now?

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