No more nodes whose titles say they are about coffee, but all they can prattle on about is caffeine! None! I'll have NONE OF IT!

Coffee is not about caffeine.

Oh yes, yes, caffeine is wonderful. Caffeine is good and happy and fun, but coffee. Coffee is beyond caffeine.

Liking coffee, casually enjoying coffee, physical addiction to coffee even, these are things that can be about caffeine. These are child's play.

But loving coffee, being in love with coffee, living for coffee.... That has nothing to do with caffeine. Caffeine is to coffee as sex is to love making. The first is an end, a thing people do. It's getting off in your room on a day off from school because you've nothing else better to do. The second. That's an experience. That's a process.

Coffee is about life and love and romance, the sensual elixir that quantifies being. Coffee is a rich deep passion that edifies the soul with its lust.

A cup of coffee is a lover, a sustained, powerful intensity-dripping half hour orgasm. If done properly.

Coffee is the warmth of comfort. For all of its abruptness and the rush that it brings, coffee can calm the soul with its power.

Coffee. Coffee is not about caffeine. Coffee is much much more.

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