How can a girl possibly have a good day after walking to the car for lunch, and noticing that some idiot decided to add to the decorations, with a couple of nice long white scratches along the trunk and rear bumper. Pretty deep ones, too. And I haven't the slightest when it occured, other than in the last few days.

So I called Geico and get to take it in next week to get those unsightly marks taken care of.

Yesterday - Leap Day

Wow, today has been extremely cool. See February 25, 2000...

She asked me to the high school dance today... I was planning on asking her, but happily I didn't get a chance.

I will be kind of lame and boring and talk about the virtues of Her. She is intense (like me), and smart (perhaps like me, I am not in a position to judge this). Not to mention being beautiful, but that's all in the eye of the beholder or something. Hopefully, I will be able to restrain my intensity so that it matches hers... ooh hope feels good. One more level of fantasy from that is that she will not care how intense I am.... but anyway...

I'm getting back into the habit of noding... I missed a few days/weeks while I was getting over Rescdsk's girlfriend did not cheat on him after all. Now, Kat2003 has made me not care about her at all... it sounds really bad to say it that way, but it's true. And it's a Good Thing(tm).

Oh, happy!

Monday morning jitters.. damn i hate those. Comes from beng too tired after the weekend, and as a result running the first half of your day solely on caffeine, resulting in a nervous jittery tiredness. School was ok, I guess, as I've had worse mondays. However, the day was quickly saved as soon as I got home. A thick envelope had arrived from Harvard High School Summer Program. This made me very happy, because the contents only helped to reinforced the stereotype of thick envelopes. This made me one happy bastard. I can now look forward to a summer spent in Cambridge.

Yeah, I'm bragging, but hell, I'm happy.

An I annoyed the hell out of someone today with Vamos a la Playa.

I hate Mondays. A rather stressful day. I wake up feeling sick so I sleep in until 10:55. Barely make it to 11:20 class on time. Listen to Lynn explain Pascal and its features and get bitten in the ass by a quiz. Lunch with John at the Reef; Little Charlie's Pizza doesn't go down so well since my stomach is buzzing with nervousness. Stress is affecting me. Return to my room and discover: Hey, that assignment isn't due until next week, what the hell are you worried about? Stress level drops to near zero. Arrive home to a series of strange messages from Katie -- she heard rumors that I had a very intoxicated weekend. I am confused -- didn't you stop being my babysitter when you broke up with me? Relax before HPC at 2:40. Another quiz followed by another lecture. Sorry Mike, no time to discuss work, gotta get some homework done. Finish up my Shakespeare assignment and email it in. John arrives at 4:30 to finish our paper for theology; done by 5:00. Chat with Katie a bit. She has a "secret" informant that says I did not spend one moment sober this past weekend -- a great exaggeration. The informant is probably an unwitting Jeff. I try to convince her I was under control, to no avail. She won't talk to me on the phone either. Attempt to print out assignment for theology -- (!toner && !paper) != print. I'll just print it out during the break. Swing by Sexton at 6:00 for a quick sandwich and fries; meet Paul there; his tongue stud is no longer treating him like a bitch and he is able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches. Run into John on the way to theology, and we take our seats in the front row. Class is so boring I won't even describe it. No, Wilfred, half the class saw this video two years ago in symposium... Class is over a half hour early. Return home, vegetate in front of the web. Chat with Mary Ann about my chat with Katie. Read a bit of Much Ado About Nothing. Mike calls; he is concerned about my progress. I was wondering when he was going to say something. I apologize and resolve to work more consistently. Mary Ann calls (!) and tells me of new developments with Mateo -- they are now just friends and they are both happy about it. At least someone is happy. For a fleeting moment I imagine a relationship with her and then dismiss it. I chat with Becky, who is using Katie's computer. Are they drinking? Unsure. Katie leaves without an explanation. Why do you avoid me so much? What are you afraid to tell me? Aren't we supposed to be friends still?

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