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Just found out a dear friend passed on. I'm not doing too well. I only wish I could get in touch with his mom, who is also my friend. Here's the post from his mom which apeared in an emergency Reality Box newsletter. She made the announcement in the group's chatroom on BigBob...

Morning_Star . . . . Line #3183 . . . . Wed, Mar 15, 9:59PM PST

Hi dear... we had a house fire tonight and Colin was killed in it...there is no easy way to say this my friend l am soo soo sorry... Colin was cooking french fries.. and l was asleep in the livingroom...we just got back from lvy's the night before...he woke me up.. and told me the fries will be ready in a minute mom.. in his gentle sweet voice.. l said thankyou dear.. and went back to sleep.. and l woke up and the living room was filed with smoke.. l called his name over and over.. l and ran through the kitchen.. everything was on fire..l have blisters on my feet.. he wasn't outside so l tried to go back.. but the fire blew the windows out of the kitchen and the door.... he was gone.... he didn't even cry out... l would have heard him... it must have happened soo fast.....l am in shock here... the house burnt to the ground
This morning my red gerber daisies were droopy so I fed them and by the time I got home they were standing up properly again. I'm E.T.!

Three letters in the mail, and a case of infant formula.

Nicole needed reassuring, again, that I will be babysitting her and her brother tomorrow night. She's been asking every day for two weeks.

Watched M*A*S*H. I will be truthful with myself and admit I never did get over my Radar crush.

Another terrible bad day, last in the shittiest week I've ever experienced. This week starts with the stuff detailed in my overly personal node. And then I have final exams all this week. My programming exam went very well. However, my physics exam was completely screwed. And since unlike the rest of the class I had an exam right afterwards, I only got 2 hours for the test rather than 2 and a half as they did. I'm on such a short emotional fuse right now that as I walked into my math exam I thought for a moment I might just break down right then. Thankfully, I got to a desk, sat down, and was able to clear my brain for a minute or two before I started. Thank whatever God is out there that this week is over. I'm looking forward to getting fubar tomorrow night. I think it will be good for me to get drunk and flirt....

And my dsl connection has been constantly screwing up lately. Every time I call my isp they say, "Yes, people have been having problems; it should be fixed in a hour or two."

i was going to node my day at the end of that day, but when i read Fugitive247's writeup, i was paralysed. Now, here it was.

The last day at work for one of our key, key people who has been around forever and knows what's going on. She's hiking the Appalachian Trail. My mother is accompanying her much of the way.
My "boyfriend" was dj-ing on the radio from 4 - 5pm, on a program called "pick your own." He played many different things. But i had to leave my desk in the middle to say goodbye, goodluck, goodtrail to Shari (agitated). He played a song by my best friend's band, but her computer in Santa Fe doesn't have sound, and she couldn't listen. And when he started to talk to the host dj, my computer hard-locked, and i missed it. My only chance to hear him speak! He never speaks to me.

Some days, I am one of the most optimistic people you could hope to meet. Monday was one of those days, although I was suffering a little from sleep deprivation. Maybe suffering isn't quite the word. Really I was floating from a cocktail of sex, sleep deprivation and sunshine. Today I feel much gloomier, maybe it's the weather. Perhaps I ought to emigrate to Canada or something, at least their weather is interesting. Today the skies are white, no rain, no sun, little wind, no fluffy clouds, just a uniform blanket of dreary castover. It's not even excitingly cold.

Nine to five jobs in front of computers surrounded by bored workmates. What if this goes on for years? The thought makes me shudder. I know that this is exactly what has already happened to most of the people I work with. What were they hoping to do with their lives when they started, I wonder? Maybe these jobs are not a disappointment to them; steady, decently paid, handy if you want to settle down and have a high boredom threshold I imagine.

I can well see why some people have an unremittingly pessimistic outlook on life. Pain and suffering and death are all depressing enough, but it's the prospect of a lifetime's worth of boredom that really gets me. Is the prettiness of trees and skies and people compensation enough, I wonder?

I keep hoping that the aliens will come out of hiding during my lifetime. I wonder what it will take. I vaguely assume that they are waiting for us to figure something out so that they don't have to feel guilty about pointing it out to us when it turns out we can't handle it. Quite likely it is something to do with the nature of time or space. It is also possible, of course, that they are keeping us in ignorance merely for their own entertainment or out of scientific curiosity. And needless to say it's also possible that there aren't any aliens for a hundred thousand light years of here.

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