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It was a boring day. I've been drowsy for the last four hours, but can't wind down enough to sleep right now. I'm glad it was a boring, uneventful day - there are worse options, after all. I'm glad my bid for sleep is being interrupted by a rendition of Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll", a version that I don't seem to recognize (it turns out to be a Velvets demo for Loaded); I'm "dancin' to the rock/roll station", just like a character in the song. I'm glad the voice on the phone amazes me, so full of addictive down-home sweetness and un(self)conscious wonders. I'm glad I'm here, at the right place, at the right time, even if snafus (snafi?) landed me in these here coordinates of time and space. I'm glad. 'Tis far better to be a grinning heap of hope in Podunk, smelling home cooking in the distance, than to be a fair-to-middlin' clown in Uxbridge, poring over the op-eds at his regular table at McD's. Or something.

Did You Know? Grape juice is used to make Cranberry Juice Cocktail look like the color of cranberry juice.

Early this morning I finaly beat Ulima 9. The ending sequence was a bit of a let down. I wish The Guardian had taunted The Avatar more during the game. I won't say too much on the topic since I don't want to spoil the game for anyone else.

You learn more new things every day.

As it turns out, my mission in my job might not be to convince the girl I met at the bottle return to quit. After hearing her plight on the job, I now know that I have to convince her to file a union grievance on, yes, the aforementioned slavedriver of days past. She might have a complaint that'll stick, as she can HONESTLY make a sexual harrassment claim.

Besides that, I've learned not to give girls who are a few inches shorter than I am and a few pounds less weight than I am 12 Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints in an 8-hour period.


A calm day here at home. Introduced my toddler to crayons, walked Corky the Yorkie and chatted with my next door neighbors about when our local authorities are going to remove another neighbor's menace of a German Shepard from the community.

Been brainstorming some ideas for my website like creating some binary based cryptograms, but that will have to wait. Hubster wants me to type out some scr files for him. YAWN!
She has one of those faces you can stare at for hours, and this is what I do, quickly averting my gaze whenever she looks my way, although this is not always successful, resulting in awkward, but pleasant, eye contact. She has turned a generally loathsome class period into 70 minutes of bliss. I secretly tremble in her presence.

I now make an effort to sit by her, in hopes of some small conversation, a smile, a laugh, any recognition at all. She is too cute for words. A constant smile graces her beautiful face. Her lilting, gentle voice is the only thing I want to hear. 3:50 comes too quickly.

This infatuation is driving me mad. Is she single? I'll find out soon enough...


We had our first date last Thursday. She kisses like no one else, so passionately! I am falling in love again.

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