Pure, carefree ecstasy that bears no equal and leaves no trace of discomfort or sadness, the ultimate in gratification, commonly achieved by means of direct electric current to the pleasure center of the brain.

(Or the common name of Blissenobiarella, a character in Isaac Asimov's books Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth.)

Fromed in early 1997, bliss was a Canadian three-piece alternative rock band. Rising out of the ashes of grunge and related Seattle / Halifax explosions, bliss vowed to bring life to the stagnant Charlottetown scene, which was rooted in an anti-rock, "hardcore" punk movement.

After a interview on a local radio station, bliss started work on song-writing and song-development. After only a few weeks the trio released the infamous "Noize Jam Demo" which circulated the local high schools and car tape decks.

Growing in popularity before playing a single gig, bliss chose an Inner City Youth Connection Battle of the Bands as their historical first performance.

They performed their strange brew of alt. rock, blues and noise to an ecstatic audience. The band that followed them was booed off the stage, to the cries of "bring back bliss!"

Bliss spent many months working on their material and playing coffee houses and other small venues. Soon enough material was written to produce an LP, and bliss headed into the studio. "In Too Deep" was the result of the so-called "vampire session" recordings. With countless delays, problems, and setbacks, the band was beginning to grow weary of the D.I.Y. process. But despite all the problems, the music could not be stopped, and all the hard work payed off.

Bliss began leaning towards more progressive music, as the band's influenced grew. The band began incorporating stage-show elements into their performance, which turned the bored locals on their ears.

As with many indie bands, eventually bliss became too big for their own good. Their music was now much more technical than any of the band members could play comfortably, and the lead vocalist all but stopped singing entirely.

August 25, 1999 marked the historic final show of one of Prince Edward Island's most innovative bands. The band performed their hits, misses and personal favourites to a captivated audience. It was a bittersweet farewell which left both band and audience emotionally shaken.

Although it has been hinted that members may reunite under the "Special Puppets" moniker, it seems unlikely that any long-term projects will emerge.

Bliss, n.; pl. Blisses (#). [OE. blis, blisse, AS. blis, blis, fr. blie blithe. See Blithe.]

Orig., blithesomeness; gladness; now, the highest degree of happiness; blessedness; exalted felicity; heavenly joy.

An then at last our bliss Full and perfect is. Milton.

Syn. -- Blessedness; felicity; beatitude; happiness; joy; enjoyment. See Happiness.


© Webster 1913.

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