Looks like anoyther day in paradise. The property room for the Portland Police Department still does not have my "Property", and I am skeptical that I will ever see it again. It's raining. I am at work.

I believe I may have finally found my true mission for the moment at my job. I believe it is my task to help a girl there build up the courage she needs to quit. Sounds like she's going through more hell than I have. Anything to help, I say.

Besides that, it's just another wacky day in the life of Captain Spam! It was lobster day, apparently. My mom somehow got the idea to buy four lobsters, cook them, and have us eat them. I have no idea where she got the cash, but the lobsters were good. My bro named his Edward. He's sick that way.

Post office isn't open today, guess how I found that out. Decided to walk until I got really tired which would have been a better idea if I had not been walking in a straight line away from my apt. then i was ALLL the way at point B. It rained on me most of the way home which was nice. I saw an actual rainbow and for a minute I was afraid I would be all jaded and think how cheesy and fake it was, but then I realized that I really liked it, without irony, like being in love easily.

After spending all night with friends, breaking into my home through the garage at 5am, then "waking up" at 4. (standard time anyway) I successfully malformed a sentence.

Coded a little (JabberX), worked a bit on breaking UO, and re-aligned myself on Everything2.

Everything is dead! Long live Everything2!

Back in Time - Into the Future

Woke up a bit early today, not something I prefer to do on a Saturday. But it was for a good purpose. We went and checked out another area apartment complex, since we're tired of where we are now, especially after having the cars get keyed.

And an amazing thing happened. The place we went to has mostly manor homes - they're closer to townhouses than apartments, and very nice. I was fully expecting them to continue their tradition of being full, and not having anything opening until well after our current lease is up.

But luck was on our side. They happened to have one each of the three models in our price range open! We took a look over the floorplans, walked a short distance in the bitter wind, and looked at a model of one of them.

As soon as they told us they had one, there was no doubt in our minds that we were going to fill out an application. And it went through, and on May 23, 2000, we get the key to the place and being the move.

It's two floors, two bedrooms, with a utility room and a stacked washer and dryer - no more coin laundry on laundry days, do a load whever we want. I am so ecstatic, I can't wait...

It's not a house, but you can't have everything at once. Besides, paying off bills and student loans are a bit more important for now.

Today March 11, 2000 I found Everything or E2 actually.

My first impression is that it is very much like h2g2 (www.h2g2.com), where I already had set up camp on December 4, 1999. I almost immediately found E2 more comfortable, though the rational in me would always try to reason out why.

Perhaps, it is E2's links, the lack of the dreaded frames, the votes, the levels and the cools, that pulled me.

Even the lack of cool domain for E2 (www.everything2.com) ...

  • www.everything.com was taken
  • www.e2.com was also taken
... didn't dissuade me.

Anyway, only time will tell whether I setup a permanent camp here in E2 or I'll be travelling on ... :-)

.sabre aka sabre23t

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